TVS Television Network to Produce 3D Version of TVS Greatest Fights of the Century Boxing Series

AAB-Labs is processing 52 top TV fight videos from the 20th Century into a "3DLook" for the TVS TV Network production. The series will be presented via TVS Video streaming on the Tulix platform.

Essington, PA, July 16, 2020 --( TVS Television Network is producing a 52 episode series TVS Greatest Fights of the Century, for streaming on a subscription basis. The series will showcase reprocessed full TV fight videos with a "3D" look. Most of the fights will come from the TVS Video Techniques library and the TVS TV Network boxing library.

Muhammad Ali, Ray Mancini, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Archie Moore, Joey Giardello, Mike Rossman, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Ingemar Johansssen, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Willie Pep are included in the series.

TVS is working with AAB-Labs, who are reproducing the video into the "3D" look for the series. The series will be presented by TVS Video Techniques on the Tulix based platform The series will begin in December.

Boxing Illustrated will be the title presenter of the TVS Greatest Fights of the Century series.

TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA. TVS was founded in 1960 and has produced and distributed national TV programming to broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, Mobile, and Home Video platforms.

AAB-Labs is an Anglo-American, technology and digital systems development-resource, with offices in Silicon Valley, London and Mumbai. It is part of The Ying Group, which has previously engineered 3D imaging prototypes for major companies including Sony and Logitech.

AAB-Labs is applying its proprietary film and video digital post production technologies: IMMERSION and EDS (Enhanced Depth Solutions), to remaster content supplied by TVS, from the original 2D into the 3DL format.

3DL is the new "3D look" image format, that brings a more vivid and life like, depth and perspective presentation to the 2D signal and the 2D display, without the requirement of 3D viewing glasses or the intervention of special viewing screens.

AAB-Labs is responsible for all the 3DL format content on the 3Dclassix channel and subscription services on the TVS platforms.
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Tom Ficara