TVS Television Network to Produce APW Nevada Wrestling from Winners Casino in Nevada, Bringing the Casinos Hosting TVS Shows to 47

Since televising Alan King Tennis from Caesars Palace in the 1970's, TVS cameras have visited almost 50 different casinos across the USA to televise national sports an entertainment events. - February 20, 2024

TVS Television Network Begins All Pro Wrestling Nevada Television Coverage with February 17 Tilt in Reno

TVS is covering the entire 2024 season of All Pro Wrestling Nevada for broadcast, cable, IPTV, OTT, and Home Video platforms, including across six TVS 24/7 streaming sports channels on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - February 05, 2024

TVS Television Network to Present Top Pop Stars of the 20th Century as a TVS First Look Original Series Boomin Reunion

Stars of the 1950's. 1960's and 1970's are seen in 'lost' performance videos from the TVS Television Network. Stars such as Mitch Ryder, Chris Montez, Jim Yester (Association), Lou Christie, Spencer Davis, Chuck Jackson and almost 100 others will reprise their iconic pop hits of the rock & roll era. - September 26, 2023

TVS Television Network Returns to Broadcast TV with Classic and Current Sports Programming in Fall 2023

The fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA began transmitting sports on broadcast TV in 1960. After years of concentrating on home video, cable, and then streaming platforms, TVS is adding back broadcast TV to its worldwide platforms. - September 01, 2023

TVS Light Network Enhances 24/7 Streaming FAST Network on WatchYour.TV with Addition of Twelve Classic Family Shows

The Smith Family, Barney Miller, ALF, Murphy Brown, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Cloris Leachman, Family, Alice, Small Wonder, Blossom, and Courtship of Eddie's Father all join the Fall 2023 schedule on WatchYour.TV, powered by Tulix. - July 08, 2023

TVS Classic Sports Network Opens the Vaults to Add More than 300 Classic Sports Shows to the FAST Streaming Channel on the WatchYour.TV Platform

Classic TVS Basketball Games, NASL Soccer, Championship Bowling, Roller Derby, NASCAR, IHRA, TeleSports Digest, Converse Basketball Highlight, Championship Boxing and Virginia Slims Tennis are added to the 2023 Fall Schedule. - July 02, 2023

TVS Television Network Music Series Boomin Reunion Band to Showcase Dozens of Top Pop Star Guests from the 20th Century on TVS Opus Network

Chuck Jackson, Al Wilson, Len Barry, Chris Montez, Robert Parker, Mitch Rider, Pete Rivera, Jim Yester, and many more stars appear in the show, to be seen on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - June 11, 2023

TVS Television Network Revamps TVS Tavern TV Network on WatchYour.TV Platform from Tulix to Include Classic and Current Combat Sports

The 24/7 streaming free to view ad supported channel is one of 40 channels on the TVS TV Network streaming service. Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Roller Derby, Arm Wrestling and Strongman programming - both classic and current - are being added to the blue collar sports FAST channel. - April 18, 2023

TVS Television Network to Debut Sports Magazine Show TVS Sports Showcase on TVS FAST Streaming Networks in April 2023

The fourth oldest commercial broadcast Network will utilize it's 10,000 classic sports library as well as coverage of more than 100 sports events across the USA for the sports TV magazine show. The show will appear on several TVS FAST Networks on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - January 21, 2023

Midnight Refrain CD Released by Cool Jazz Stylist Conchetto Rocco on TVS Records

Twelve romantic tunes done in the distinct style of cool jazz star Conchetto Rocco are now available for streaming and download on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Pandora, YouTube, Rhapsody and most other digital distribution outlets. The album is a part of the 2,000 catalog of newly produced easy listening renditions of the top songs of the 20th Century by Capehart Music Treasury. - October 18, 2022

TVS Channel.Com to Launch in July with AVOD Showcase of the 15,000 Title TVS Television Network Library of Sports, TV Shows, and Movies

TVS Channel.Com will carry the 15,000 title TVS Television Network Library as well as the 500 yearly TVS First Look Original productions on an ad supported, free to watch, video on demand basis. - May 02, 2022

TVS Music Guild Launches Silver Screen Radio Channel on the TVS Radio, on the Spreaker Platform Powered by iHeart Radio

Great songs from the movies of the 20th Century are reprised on an easy listening format by the Capehart Music Treasury. - April 21, 2022

TVS Radio Network.Com Launches Jumpstreet Radio Channel for Top R&B Songs from the 20th Century on Spreaker, Powered by iMusic Radio

Capehart Music Treasury, from the TVS Music Guild, provides easy listening renditions of the top R&B songs of the 20th Century. - April 16, 2022

TVS Music Guild Launches Capehart Music Treasury YouTube Channel, Google Podcast Service

Capehart Music Treasury is a 2,000 title collection of easy listening renditions of the greatest songs of the 20th Century. Produced in TVS Studios in Bakersfield, Reno, and Las Vegas, the songs appear on Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon, iTunes, and Pandora as well as on YouTube and the TVS Radio Network.Com. - April 11, 2022

TVS Global Media Celebrates 25 Years with Bakersfield Recording Studio

TVS began with Bakersfield Music Studio in 1997 with the production of the Rock + Roll Legends Live series. Since then, TVS has produced hundreds of songs at the facility for CDs, TV shows, DVDs, and streaming. Today, TVS utilizes Bakersfield Recording Studio as its "Go To" studio for the production of the Capehart Music Treasury Production Music Catalog. - April 01, 2022

TVS Radio Network.Com Launches Transistor Radio 1960's Network on Spreaker Powered by iHeart Radio

The channel features Capehart Music Treasury original productions of 1960's hits in an easy listening, instrumental format. - March 24, 2022

TVS Light Network Adds Barney Miller to the Family Based Streaming Network from TVS, on the WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

The family based streaming post cable network is one of 40 TVS Micro Channels on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - February 24, 2022

TVS Light Running The Smith Family Marathon on WatchYour.TV Powered by Tulix Streaming TV Platform

The "lost" TV show from the 1970's stars Henry Fonda and a teenage Ron Howard in a family show that aired briefly than has never aired since. TVS Light is the lead family channel in the TVS Kids + Family Networks bundle of post cable networks. - February 20, 2022

TVS Quiz Show Network Adds a Dozen Classic Game Shows to WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

The 24/7 streaming ad supported free to view post cable network from TVS now showcases over one hundred classic game shows from the first 40 years of television. - February 17, 2022

TVS Greatest Fights of the 26 Episode Series Now Available on the TVS Boxing Network on WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

26 of the greatest TV fights of the 20th Century can now be seen on the TVS Boxing Network. Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and many others comprise the series from TVS Video Techniques Division of TVS. - February 02, 2022

TVS Main Street Network Goes to No Repeat Weekly Schedule in Winter 2022 with Addition of Two Dozen Shows on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

The 24/7 streaming post cable network that showcases programming from the heartland is now featuring Beverly Hillbillies, Sky King, The Rifleman, Jim Bowie, Petticoat Junction, Frontier Doctor, Shotgun Slade, 26 Men, U S Marshall, Cowboy G Men, Roy Rogers, Mr. Ed, and Andy Griffith Show. - January 27, 2022

TVS Opus Network Adding Several Concert Packages to the Winter 2022 Program Schedule on WatchYour.TV Powered by Tulix

Iron Butterfly, Sweetwater, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Chico Hamilton, Johnny Tillotson, The Duprees, Little Anthony, John Fogerty, Phil Collins, Glen Campbell, Dionne Warwick, Marianne Faithfull, Blood Sweat + Tears all being added to the TVS Opus Network schedule. - January 20, 2022

TVS Buckboard Network Adds Episodes of Union Pacific, Pony Express, and Steve Donovan US Marshall to Winter 2022 Schedule on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

Three lost TV series of the 1950's come back on the TVS streaming post cable network that showcases TV Westerns from the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. - January 17, 2022

TVS Light Network to add Ozzie and Harriet Marathon in February on WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

The streaming post cable network showcases family fare in both classic and current TV programs. It is one of 40 TVS Micro Channels from the TVS Television Network. - January 13, 2022

TVS All American Network Brings 24/7 Classic and Current Sports to the WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

TVS Television Network has been producing live sports on TV since 1960. In 1968, they began the TVS All American Network with the historic telecast of the Houston - UCLA basketball game from the Astrodome. Now, the channel has morphed into a 24/7 streaming sports network, filling the void left by the folding of the NBC Sports Network. - January 08, 2022

TVS Television Network to Launch AVOD Service on You Tube in January 2022

Founded in 1960, TVS is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast network in the USA. In addition to streaming 40 TVS Micro Channels on the WatchYour.TV platform, TVS now enters the Ad Supported Video on Demand category via You Tube. - January 05, 2022

TVS Classic Sports Network Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2022 as the First Cable Network in the USA

Founded in 1972 as All Sports All Day, the seminal cable network predated satellite delivery by almost a decade, delivering daily sports programming to hundreds of cable TV systems via video tape. - January 02, 2022

TVS Vintage Network Adds a Dozen New Classic TV Shows from the First Decade of TV to Winter Schedule on WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

Man Behind the Badge, You Asked For It, Crunch and Des, Captain David Grief, Passport to Danger, I Am the Law, Richard Diamond, I Remember Mama are included on the 2022 TVS Vintage Network, which showcases TV shows from 1948-1957 on a 24/7 streaming basis on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - December 30, 2021

TVS TeleSports.Com Adds Quibi Style Sports Short Form TVS First Look Original Shows to Streaming Post Cable Network on WatchYour.TV Platform

TVS Television Network has produced and distributed sports on TV since 1960. The new channel uniquely features sports oriented music videos, as well as other short form sports feature programs. - December 27, 2021

TVS Front Page Detective Network Adds 100 Classic TV Shows for the Holiday Season on WatchYour.TV platform, Powered by Tulix

Dempsey and Makepeace, Suspense Theater, Get Christie Love, Interpol Calling, Martin Kane, Four Just Men, and Mannix all included in the TVS holiday Crimetime Classic TV Festival on TVS Front Page Detective Network, on the WatchYour.TV Platform. - December 19, 2021

TVS Drive In Movie Network Adds Hercules, Samson, Cleopatra, and Other Classic Sword and Sandal Movies on the WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

Classic Sword and Sandal Movies, long a staple of the Drive In, have been added to TVS Drive In Movie Network, the 24/7 streaming post cable network from TVS. - December 16, 2021

TVS Turbo Network.Com Adds NASCAR, IHRA, SCORE, and Grand Prix Classic Racing to Holiday Schedule

The 24/7 streaming channel from the TVS Television Network has fortified it's full time racing channel with an array of classic TV races from the TVS Sports Library. The channel can be seen on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - December 13, 2021

TVS Classic Sports Network Loads Up for the Holiday Viewing Season on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

More than 100 classic sports TV games have been added to the TVS Classic Sports Network post cable network for the Holiday season. College Football Bowl Games, Championship Boxing, NASCAR, College Basketball, and PGA Senior Golf among the additions for the holidays. - December 10, 2021

101 Strings Music Establishes New Orchestra for TVS Music Guild to Produce 48 New Albums in 2022

The updated orchestra is recording these albums at the TVS Music Guild Studios in California, using more than 100 instruments. 101 Strings Music produces new versions of beautiful music for audio and video platforms. - November 30, 2021

TVS Global Media Establishes TVS Music Guild Division to Produce Music on Records, Digital, and Video

TVS Music Guild produces and distributes the Capehart Music Treasury on digitaal, CD, and collector LPs internationally. TVS produces new versions of 20th Century music, plus administers a 15,000 classic master library. - November 27, 2021

Boxing Illustrated Magazine Will Now Sanction TV Championship Belts for Women's Boxing and Newcomers "Beginners" TV Belts

Boxing Illustrated Magazine will offer championship belts on the Women's Boxing and Boxing After Dark series that they promote and produce for the TVS Television Network, plus other broadcast, cable, and syndicated outlets. - October 23, 2021

TVS Opus Network Adds Several Classic Music TV Shows to Midnight Refrain Schedule on WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

Midnight Refrain and Noir Nightingales welcome Perry Como, Charlie Spivak, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Dave Pell, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, and more join the 24/7 streaming post cable network. - October 16, 2021

TVS Boxing Adds Seven Iconic Classic Boxing Matches to the WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Rocky Marciano, Jersey Jo Walcott, Jerry Quarry, Ron Lyle, Cleveland Williams, Ernie Terrell, Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, and Joey Maxim all have been added to the streaming 24/7 ad supported free to view network schedule. - October 14, 2021

TVSFlashbackNetwork.Com Adds Several Color Classic Shows to WatchYour.TV Platform Powered by Tulix

Designing Women, Karen, Just Shoot Me, and All's Fair Join the Summer Schedule on the TVS 24/7 ad supported streaming post cable network. - July 14, 2021

TVS Video Techniques Boxing Network to Establish Mini Pay Worldwide Subscription Channel for Premium TVS Classic and Current Boxing

Video Techniques, the iconic home theater and PPV boxing enterprise that was acquired by TVS Television Network in the 1990's, will showcase it's library of Muhammad Ali and other legendary boxers on a worldwide mini pay service. - May 05, 2021

TVS Vintage Network Adds The Whistler, DuPont Cavalcade Theater, Kate Smith Hour, and Dumont's Cavalcade of Bands to Spring Schedule on WatchYour.TV

Hundreds of vintage TV shows from 1948-1957 now populate this unique streaming post cable network from the TVS Television Network. Most of these shows have not been telecast since their initial airing more than a half century ago. - April 30, 2021

Noir Nightingale Broadway Revue to be Produced in Las Vegas by TVS Television Network

TVS Television Network is producing a TVS First Look Original Program in Las Vegas as a tribute to the music of Noir Nightingales Lena Horne, Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vughn, Dinah Washington, and Nancy Wilson. The show will air as a special on the TVS Television Network, then run on the TVS Opus Network on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. - April 26, 2021

MidnightRefrain.XYZ Showcases Jazz and Blues Superstars on the TVS Opus Network Classic TV Music Shows on the WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

Jazz and Blues greats Louis Armstrong, Al Hirt, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Troupe, and more are featured on th Midnight Refrain collection of classic TV performances from the first 40 years of broadcast TV in th USA. - April 21, 2021

Noir Nightingale Lola Falana Showcased on TVS Flashback Network on WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

TVS Flashback Network is one of 40 TVSMicroChannels.Com, streaming classic TV shows from the first 50 years of commercial TV in the USA over six bundles of TVS Classic TV, TVS Classic Movies, TVS Home Shopping, TVS Lifestyle, TVS Kids & Family, and TVS Sports Networks. - April 18, 2021

TVS Light Network Brings The Doris Day Show Back to Monday Nights - Where It Was Top Ten in the 1960's - On WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

The Doris Day Show was a staple of family TV programming in the 1960's and 70's. It was Top Ten on Monday Nights, and now it's back on that night via the TVS Light Network. TVS Light Network showcases classic family programming. - April 11, 2021

TVS Pinball Network Adds Schoolhouse Rock to 24/7 Streaming Cartoon Network

Schoolhouse Rock was a groundbreaking educational cartoon series in the 1970's and 1980's. Now it is joining the fulltime cartoon post cable streaming network on the WatchYour.TV platform. - April 03, 2021

TVS Port O Call Network Adds Miami Based Dining Divas TV Show to Spring Schedule

This exciting food, entertainment, lifestyle show joins Undercover Jetsetter, Chef Roc, and Mari! as TVS First Look original programming on the TVS Port O Call Network Channel on the TVSTelevisionNetwork.Com service. - March 31, 2021

TVS Television Network Established TVS Entertainment Company to Produce Live Sports and Entertainment Programming for Television

Roller Derby, Boxing, PKA Karate, Arena Football, Indoor Soccer, IWA Wrestling, and Golf Shows live events set to be produced by TVS for use on its cable, broadcast, and streaming networks. - March 24, 2021

TVS Vintage Network, TVS Front Page Network to Showcase Vintage Crime Time TV Programming from the First Decade of TV in the USA on WatchYour.TV Powered by Tulix

Treasury Men in Action, Dick Tracy, Man Against Crime, Rocky King, Charlie Wild, Big Town, Racket Squad, Dragnet, Martin Kane, Front Page Detective, Gangbusters, Mr. and Mrs. North, Public Defender, and Richard Diamond all are added to - March 19, 2021

TVS Talk Network Adds Les Crane, Mike Douglas, Woody Woodbury, and Jack Paar Vintage Talkers to Post Cable Network Schedule on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

The 24/7 streaming ad supported free to view net from is combining classic TV talk shows with current talk shows on the channel. TVS Talk network is one of forty on the service. - March 11, 2021

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