BitVPN Urges Users to Protect Twitter Account and Avoid Security Crisis

After a widespread security breach on Twitter, BitVPN urges users to upgrade the app to the latest version and switch on VPN service when using social media platforms to protect personal information.

Singapore, Singapore, July 18, 2020 --( BitVPN, a decentralized VPN service provider, urged users to install its latest update after recent cyberattack issues on Twitter, which brings about severe damages.

According to the news from the BBC, on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, a Twitter hack event affecting several high-profile Twitter accounts, including top politicians and celebrities in the United States, has caused overall economic losses estimated to be more than $100,000, according to publicly available blockchain records. The cybersecurity incident is considered as one of the most prominent security breaches in the history of the company and the internet.

The bitcoin scams target only a few people but raised significant donations due to the visibility and influence of these verified Twitter accounts. The scammers won’t be the last people to take over any Twitter accounts, and the incident indicates how vulnerable the system of social media giants could be. A huge Twitter hack appears to be underway and could be a global security crisis.

Regarding scammers’ ability to gain access to manipulating high-profile and verified Twitter accounts, this breach is highly potential to compromise the account security and private information of many users. To avoid further data theft as a consequence of more cyberattacks and breaches, BitVPN urges users to take precautions.

Whether the user owns a regular Twitter account or a verified one, it is essential to secure your Twitter account with two-factor authentication so that hackers are unlikely to get through that extra step even acquire the password. Using a unique and strong password and helps prevent account leaking as well. For BitVPN users, updating BitVPN to the latest version and install it on all the important devices will easily build security into the entire pipeline.

When users switch on a VPN, all the traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel to decentralized servers operated by BitVPN. The protected connection helps mask internet service provider (ISP), and real locations will be effectively hidden. The less personal information exposure, the less likely for users to get hacked by the social engineering attacks, which consist of a powerful set of techniques that hackers, scammers, and thieves use to compromise your security and steal valuable data.

“We are living in the mobile internet era,” said the founder of BitVPN. “The demand for safe internet connection and online environment is definitely on pace with the fast-growing number of massive and sensitive data generated. Everyone needs to master the methods of online self-protection.”

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