Part B Access for Seniors and Physicians (ASP) Coalition Statement Regarding the Trump Administration’s Recently Announced Executive Order

Washington, DC, July 24, 2020 --( The Part B Access for Seniors and Physicians (ASP) Coalition released the following statement regarding the Trump Administration’s recently announced Executive Order:

“In a letter to lawmakers in 2018, the ASP Coalition warned about the International Pricing Index Model (IPI) and the implications it will have on patient’s health care as well as their physician’s ability to deliver the best possible care options. It’s troubling that despite stakeholder pushback, the Administration is moving forward with the IPI Model that would impose policies made by countries with socialized health care systems onto millions of physicians and the patients they care for. This will only result in delays in care as well as limited access to lifesaving treatments and therapies. Medicare Part B beneficiaries are already facing serious health issues and cannot afford sweeping changes in their health plans.

"While we appreciate efforts to lower drug costs, now is not the time to move forward with proposals that would further impact physician practices that are in disarray because of the pandemic. Due to COVID-19, patients are already having extreme difficultly seeing their providers and being treated for some of the most serious diseases. Adding additional hurdles to an already exacerbated situation will result in significant issues for patients and providers. Our Coalition is once again calling on the Administration to abandon the IPI Model and focus on patient-centered reforms so we can protect provider-patient relationships and the high-quality care they foster."

Media Contact:
Lindsey Gucciardo
Part B Access for Seniors and Physicians Coalition
Ellen Almond
(703) 548-1163