Barbados Recommended as Best Caribbean Destination 2008 by Travelrobe

Tourists from all over the world and probably most from the UK has visited the tiny Caribbean island of Barbados, and the British Travel Group Travelrobe is now recommending it as one of the best Caribbean Destinations for 2008.

London, United Kingdom, April 23, 2008 --( For more than three centuries Barbados was a British colony and to this day still retains something of a British feel which is why top political figures and well known sports personalities frequent the island, the delightful climate, blue seas and brilliant white sandy beaches makes for the perfect holiday and the people of Barbados, known as Bajans, take great pride in welcoming its visitors.

The island has also produced top personalities such a writer George Lamming, top Caribbean calypso artist Mighty Gabby and cricket players including the great Sir Gary Sobers, who have for decades had an influence way out of proportion to the size of their home country. As a visitor you will feel welcomed in Barbados, visit to book a holiday.

Cricket, Horse racing, Polo and Anglican parish churches all add to the Britishness of the island including a hilly district known as Scotland, but make no mistake Barbados is distinctly a West Indian country, featuring sugarcane fields and rum shops where calypso is the music of choice and flying fish is the favored food.

The infrastructure and public transportation is first class and there is no sign of the poverty that continues to hunt many Caribbean islands. Development has mostly been pretty discreet and many of the facilities are locally owned, and Tourism plays a major part in the country's economy with the revenue put to good use.

Mark Felix Travelrobe's MD recalls his last visit to the island, saying, that the international airport Grantley Adams was under refurbishment when he arrived and it gave the appearance that millions were spent on the upgrade and modernization of the structure. He also went on to say that the nightlife including the clubs made his stay very enjoyable.

Some of the major attractions on the island includes the old plantation houses, places like St Nicholas Abbey and Francia, superb botanical gardens at Andromeda and the Flower Forest, and the military forts and signal stations at Gun Hill and Grenade Hall, the capital Bridgetown is also a lively place with an excellent national museum and great nightlife with its Bars, Restaurants and Clubs.

As a tourist/visitor if you hire a rental car, the driving is excellent on the coral reefs around Barbados, with the good sites all off the calm west and southwest coasts, from Maycocks Bay in the north right round to Castle Bank near St Lawrence Gap, the tropical climate is hot and sunny year round but the weather is best however during mid December to mid April, with rainfall low and the heat tempered by cooling trade winds. Visit to book a holiday.

There are no direct flights from New Zealand or Australia, and travelers from these countries will need to fly to one of the major US gateways and pick up onward connections from there to Barbados.

Airport departure tax is presently B$25, payable at the airport when you leave, in local currency only.

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