NobelBiz Releases eBook About Customer Experience in the Contact Center Sector

NobelBiz continues to bring new research and information into the contact center market with the release of its new eBook – “Call Centers Are Out, Experience Centers Are In.” The study analyzes the impact of rising consumer expectations on call centers and business in general. The focus is on how traditional call centers are becoming obsolete and making way for more advanced experience centers, with better-trained agents and better technology solutions to serve consumers.

Carlsbad, CA, August 03, 2020 --( The NobelBiz team is honored to bring you a novel study of the contact center space with the release of its new eBook: “Call Centers Are Out, Experience Centers Are In.” The analysis garners data from a NobelBiz Client Advocate Survey, cross-referencing it with industry analytics and drawing conclusions and predictions for the future of the customer support and sales sector.

The eBook delves into the following topics: converting customer support into a pleasure for agents, learning to care about customers, enabling more personal relationships with clients, hiring and training experts, creating brand loyalty, implementing kindness in the sales process, and creating memorable brand experiences.

“The best part is that 2020 is the perfect year to start [becoming an experience center]. As customers deal with the unkind reality of daily life, they require a soothing, friendly voice that they can rely on.” -Excerpt from “Call Centers Are Out, Experience Centers Are In”

Discover how 2020 has influenced customer experience and how call centers need to adapt and be ready for the future.

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NobelBiz aims to deliver as much knowledge and experience into the industry as possible. With over 20 years of experience, the company is set to do so. Between its podcast series, First Contact: Stories of the Call Center, its webinars, and its blog posts, NobelBiz strives to educate the contact center sector.

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