Vincell Studio Brings a New Hidden Object Game

Experience life as an elite secret agent.

Edmonton, Canada, September 20, 2020 --( Vincell Studios Inc. Today announced the release of Hidden Escape: Secret Agent, a new hidden object game that gives a chance to experience life as an elite secret agent.

This much-awaited new game is the 2nd game from Hidden Escape series that gives users a unique and thrilling storyline. The game revolves around a secret agent, Falcon who goes on a mission to the elusive militaristic country of Zoshea. The game has 8 chapters with more than 80 brain teaser puzzles to solve in the game.

The game is designed to give the best user experience and seamless progression. Stunning graphics of the game bring a dangerous fictional land to life. The game has some amazing twists that you will experience as you progress in the game. Channelize your incredible sniper skills to solve the puzzles and secrets of Zoshea.

The user needs to plan a secret mission and find hidden objects and escape from one chapter to another chapter. One needs to challenge yourself and explore a different kind of puzzles in a different location. Discover your hidden objects, clues and solve puzzles to uncover the secret mission of ruthless dictator of Zoshea.

Secret Agent Story: -
Meet Agent Falcon, a rookie, but a very talented secret agent who is about to take on a thrilling espionage mission to the elusive militaristic country of Zoshea. Zoshea is ruled by a ruthless dictator known as the Supreme President who is set to wreak terror upon the world. Agent Falcon must sneak behind enemy lines, infiltrate the dictator's highly secure home, find the rebel leader, sleuth attack enemy soldiers and discover the location of a secret nuclear plant. Agent Falcon needs to solve complex puzzles, crack intricate codes, decipher secret messages and outwit the enemies. This elite spy mission isn't easy and Agent Falcon has little time or training to his side. Together, along with the help of an over-serious SIS chief and a visionary rebel leader, Agent Falcon must race against time to stop the dictator

"Words from Vincell Studios CEO"
A fun and intuitive game that brings the real gameplay experience with stimulating puzzles, short games, and thrilling journey of a secret agent. The game caters the three elements for the player; Fun, Learn and Entertainment.

"Words from Secret Agent team"
Secret Agent is an amalgamation of challenging and devious puzzles, Interesting characters with thrilling storyline, which keep you engaged at every point of the game.

Platform and language: -
Hidden Escape: Secret Agent is available on Android Play Store and iOS App Store. The game is fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese traditional, and simplified Chinese.

Pricing: -
Hidden Escape: Secret Agent is a free to play game with In-app purchases to get virtual currency. User can challenge and use their wits to play this game without making purchases.

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Vincell Studio is an indie mobile gaming studio that houses a team of seriously talented artists, designers, animators, and developers. Everyone at heart is a hardcore gamer with a goal to create unique and exciting games that draw in players from every milieu and across age groups. Our passion for games speaks through the compelling storylines, fascinating visuals and extraordinary puzzles that we labor over and create.

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