NobelBiz’s Podcast Series Welcomes Nancy Munro to Talk About the Human Voice and Simulation Training

First Contact podcast released the ninth episode with a unique and insightful voice in the contact center space, Nancy Munro – a voice enablement solutions specialist with 28 years of experience. She is the CEO and Founder of Verbal Transactions and a longtime influencer in the voice conference area. She is the first to introduce an audio role-playing simulator and has been a pioneer for this technology. She joined Christian Montes in episode nine of First Contact: Stories of the Call Center.

Carlsbad, CA, September 28, 2020 --( Nancy started out on a farm in Iowa with 12 siblings. But her life would lead her to something a lot more exciting: software development within the voice enablement area. Her career has seen her working with top business names such as Microsoft, CVS, AT&T, helping them decipher how best to address performance challenges that align to their structural capabilities and revenue goals.

She loves being an advocate for the industry and the innovative solutions she is bringing to it as the CEO and Founder of Verbal Transactions:

"Very few people answer their phone anymore so when you actually get a live person you're like oh crap, they answered the phone, now what do I say!? - I wanted to build a tool that made that UX. Putting them in that deer-in-the-headlights spot." -Nancy Munro

Discover why Nancy believes simulation training is the future of the industry, especially during the age of the virtual contact center. One other important topic that Nancy advocates for is empowering more women to leadership positions within the contact center space.

Listen to her talk about these topics and bring many more insightful voice analytics to the table in episode 9 of First Contact: Stories of the Call Center, Exploring the Human Voice and Simulation Training.

Hear to the full episode here:

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