Fall Sale on Multi Testers, Including New Bluetooth Data Acquisition Tool

Siborg Systems Inc. is offering a discount on their test equipment, including the line of LCR-Reader multimeters and new Bluetooth enabled model.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, October 09, 2020 --(PR.com)-- To celebrate the change in seasons, Siborg Systems Inc. is offering up to 30% off their SMT test equipment, including the new LCR-Reader-MPA Bluetooth model and the rest of the LCR-Reader family of devices. The sale will be available in the LCR-Reader Store and through Siborg’s Amazon sales channels in North America and Europe until the end of October.

Siborg has been offering tweezer-based test equipment since the early 2000’s, starting with the Smart Tweezers multimeters. Then, in 2014 they launched their own line of devices, the LCR-Reader (https://www.LCR-Reader.com) family. The first model, the LCR-Reader offers 0.5% basic accuracy and an affordable price point. Users can change the test mode but not much else. In 2017 they released the LCR-Reader-MP, with 0.1% basic accuracy and a wider range of features than Smart Tweezers devices. The MP was reworked and in 2019 Siborg announced the LCR-Reader-MPA which offered more features and an updated look.

Their newest model, the LCR-Reader-MPA BT offers all the features found on MPA with the added ability to remotely record their measurement values in real-time. Using the LCR-MPA-BT Logger program allows users to not only record values but allows users to set custom component profiles and automatically pass/fail components. Users set their desired specifications for components and, upon testing, the program will automatically compare the measured values with the desired values and grant a pass/fail whether the measured component meets these specs. The program will identify failed components by displaying red, while also marking green or red in the "Test" column. The program offers two component test modes: Single Component or Multiple Component. Single component is used for testing the same type of component. Multiple Component is better suited for full PCBs with various types of components and varied values. All measurement values are exportable to Excel.

Other features on LCR-Reader-MPA devices include AC/DC Current/Voltage measurements, Oscilloscope mode, 100 kHz test signal frequency, 3 test signal levels, super cap testing, Signal Generator, Frequency meter, Period, Duty Cycle, Easy short/open calibration and offset removal, and more. The device requires no set-up between measurements; when a component is held with the tweezer probes, the device will determine the best parameters to use while measuring. All values are instantly available on the backlit LCD display.

Siborg is also offering a discount on the following products:

- LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers task kits that include a device and various accessories

- Smart Tweezers ST-5S and ST5S-BT (https://www.SmartTweezers.us) devices; 0.2% basic accuracy, automatic and manual LCR/ESR Diode and continuity tests, parasitic offset removal, variable test signals and more

-LCR-Reader Kelvin Probe Connector, shielded two-wire connection set that turns any LCR-reader or Smart Tweezers device into a probe station

- LCR-Reader-CT, a recently released Ring Coil Tester

Siborg’s sale runs until October 31, 2020, at 11:59 EST and is available in the LCR-Reader Store (https://secure.LCR-Reader.com/catalog/), and sales channels through Amazon in USA, Canada and Europe.
Siborg Systems Inc.
Michael Obrecht