Affordable Bluetooth Data Acquisition Tool with Pass/Fail Feature for SMT

New all-in-one multi tester offers remote measurement recording in real time, automatic pass/fail for components.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, October 09, 2020 --( Siborg’s newest device, the LCR-Reader-MPA-BT offers users a time-saving alternative for recording values as they are measured. Not only does the device record values, the Logger program can pass or fail components based on user’s specifications.

The LCR-Reader-MPA ( is a highly functional device with 0.1% basic accuracy and features that include 100 kHz test signal level, AC/DC current measurements, super cap testing to 1000 mF, oscilloscope, easy short/open testing and parasitic offset removal.

The LCR-Reader ( line of devices offers fully automatic LCR/ESR measurements with just a touch. The device will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters before displaying the measurement results on the screen.

The LCR-MPA-BT-Logger program unlocks many features of the MPA-BT device, the main feature being the auto pass/fail function. Users can set custom component profiles in a predefined list (such as BOM); this includes the desired impedance values and test settings (frequency, circuit model, signal level) and measure components. Upon measuring, the program will determine if the component meets these set standards and will display red if they are not met. It will also record as red/green in the "Test" column of the recorded values. The quick visual the program gives is exponentially more time-efficient for comparing and testing components than manually comparing values.

The Logger program allows users to set a test mode for Single Components or Multiple Components. Single Component mode is for testing the same type of component repeatedly, and records values in a list. Multiple Component is better suited for full PCBs where various components and values are present. Each new measurement records over the previous values for the selected component. All values for either mode are exportable to Excel.

Canadian Siborg Systems Inc. offers a range of test instruments for SMT in the online LCR-Reader Store ( and on their Amazon sales channels in USA, Canada and Europe. They also have global resellers, including on Taobao store of AI Rox company in Shenzhen, China.
Siborg Systems Inc.
Michael Obrecht