M3Linked™ Announces Mary Jane Nowak as Executive Director of M3Linked Detroit

M3Linked™ Announces Mary Jane Nowak as Executive Director of M3Linked Detroit
Detroit, MI, October 13, 2020 --(PR.com)-- M3Linked CEO Steven Nelick announced today Mary Jane “MJ” Nowak will lead the M3Linked Detroit Community as Executive Director. MJ will meet and facilitate impactful connections and collaborations with and between high-level entrepreneurs who are inventors, investors, CEOs, and startup founders. She is responsible for all planning, coordinating, and conducting weekly and special Community events.

Nowak’s background in helping small businesses grow flourished in her work as the Vice President and Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager for Fifth Third Bank. Diving deep into the community and delivering strong marketing and communications, she embodied the values of collaboration, partnership, and connection.

“Metro Detroit has a large and diverse group of entrepreneurs – we are a city with big ideas and an incredible amount of drive. M3Linked is dedicated to creating the relationships that can take any business to the next level,” said Nowak. “It’s thrilling to be a connector and making that one introduction that could have exponential effects on a business.”

About M3Linked™
Headquartered in Birmingham, MI, M3Linked™ currently operates in eight states serving 36 major metropolitan communities. M3Linked™ builds communities of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, business owners, inventors, and investors to facilitate connections for personal and professional growth. Unlike transactional networking groups, community members benefit from experiences, specifically orchestrated to help move the needle in their life. Visit M3Linked.com or connect on LinkedIn to find an M3Linked™ Community near you.
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