JetPack Aviation Flying Motorcycle “SPEEDER” Set to Fly

More Than Just Mystery JetPacks Will Be Flying Over Los Angeles

JetPack Aviation Flying Motorcycle “SPEEDER” Set to Fly
Los Angeles, CA, October 16, 2020 --( Once again, the sky over Los Angeles was ripped in two by a mysterious jetpack pilot soaring at a reported 6,000 feet above the earth. The Age of Personal Flight has begun.

Now, JetPack Aviation, the market disrupting aviation tech company will soon premier the first test flight of THE SPEEDER – The World’s First jet powered, personal Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) flying motorcycle.

Personal transportation was turned on its head more than a century ago when the first combustion engine powered automobile was approved for a patent in 1886. That revolutionary breakthrough reached a maximum speed of just 10 miles per hour.* Now, personal travelers should get ready to hit upwards of THREE-HUNDRED miles per hour at the flip of a switch. And with a maximum carrying capacity of 600 pounds and enough power to fly at 15,000 feet above the ground, it won’t be long before travelers using the Jetpack Aviation SPEEDER can make the journey from Los Angeles to San Diego in just 20 minutes.**

JetPack Aviation, the only company to build and fly a commercially viable, backpack-sized jetpack has categorically denounced the mysterious flight. Said David Mayman, JPA founder and world’s only FAA approved JetPack Pilot, “personal Vertical Takeoff and Landing flight has captured human imagination ever since mankind looked up into the sky above. And many brave, and some would say foolish dreamers have risked their lives flying unsafe and undependable flying machines. At JetPack Aviation, we build personal flying machines that adhere to the strictest aviation standards and we are fully compliant with and supportive of the stringent and necessary Federal Aviation Administration regulations and guidelines. Ensuring the safety of our pilots and the folks over which we fly is Job #1 at our company.”

The Speeder builds on JPA’s pioneering VTOL design work, and applies the technology to a range of practical and critical applications: First Responders, Medical Delivery, Search & Rescue, Fire Suppression and Security & Surveillance.

Speeders are easy to operate, can be piloted or flown autonomously, and are quickly re-configured to transport passengers or haul cargo. Final performance specifications will be determined by FAA regulations and market applications.

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Contact: David Mayman

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** Source: JetPack Aviation Inc
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