"What Will Hillary Clinton do if She Wins the Big Prize?" Asks Dr. Thomas Moore in His New Book, Hillary… "Considering New Government Secrets and Media Hostility?"

"Is Democracy too fragile a flower to trust to a woman?” questions a Republican leader in Dr. Moore’s new book, "Hillary," due for release.

Los Angeles, CA, April 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Even though HILLARY is ostensibly fiction, the novel HILLARY investigates and documents and Reveals 6 Hidden Secrets our US Government Prays We’ll Never Find Out.

“HILLARY” book asks: “Can white men outvote single women? Despite the intensity with which white men and the media tend to oppose Hillary, they can't vote twice.”

“China needs more oil and is prepared to pay for it… to pay more than the rest of the world. But, is it necessary to intervene in the “free” market in order to prevent China from becoming #1.

“China was assumed in the west to be an inefficient in economy. But China has strong central government control of exchange rate and sales agreements, production quotas and priorities etc. Hillary must intervene,” says Dr. Moore. “We are being infiltrated by dangerous products.”

Dr. Thomas Moore, author of the soon to be released book HILLARY, says “Wealthy Chinese women purchase aborted foetus on large scale… consumed as a beauty aide that is claimed to restore waining youth. American scientists think the ability to reverse ageing is almost within our grasp. There are now medications that make worms live longer. Mice are responding, too. So it won't be long before humans might be able to live to 120 or more.”

“Our modern tall buildings are at risk because of the Lincoln weld and foreign steel,” says Expert Dr. Thomas Moore, Author of “HILLARY.”

An informal survey of how prostitutes experience American men?

Why our Nuclear Power Plants are not safe?

What does Hillary Clinton think about global warming?

Here is what one reviewer said: HILLARY, by Dr. Thomas Moore, bridges fiction and nonfiction to tell a strange if true story of coded secrets, psychotic delusions, mathematical truth, and lies. This story of greatness and weakness, of genius and hallucination, is based on the parallel lives of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Carmella Meeks, (a sophisticated prostitute) and Tony Chaytor, the greatest forensic investigator and structural engineer of many centuries. Taken together their work proved that truth is elusive, that knowledge has limits, and that structure can reveal past corruption. Chaytor was devoted to truth of the highest abstract nature, yet was unable to grasp the mundane truths of his own life. Through it all, the narrator wonders, along with these odd heroes, if any of us can ever really grasp the truth. Dr. Thomas Moore masterfully brings these great characters together in a slightly fictionalized version of their lives. This novel is no mere assemblage of biographical transcriptions. We are very much within the mind of an unreliable narrator, one whose dark obsessions resonate with the version of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Newt Gingrich, along with the sexy Carmella and the whistle-blowing Tony Chaytor.

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