Discovery Initiatives Announces New Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Trip

Cirencester, United Kingdom, April 26, 2008 --( Discovery Initiatives is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new holiday experience to live among the Huaorani people in their ancestral homeland on the Upper Shiripuno River in Ecuador:
Huaorani_People_of_the_Amazon. Justin Wateridge, MD of Discovery Initiatives described the trip as “…a gritty, authentic jungle and river journey well away from the usual trappings of everyday modern life.”

The Huaorani tribe have inhabited the headwaters of this part of the Amazon for millennia, living as nomadic hunter gatherers with no outside contact until the arrival of missionaries at the end of the 1950’s. Currently numbering approx. 3,000 people, they continue to maintain a largely traditional lifestyle and a fierce reputation as warriors in their 680,000 hectare territory, in spite of the pressures from the exploitations of the oil industry and the encroaching modern world.

The main aim of this unique trip is to allow travellers who prefer to take the path less travelled to experience and explore this pristine wilderness, in the company of and through the eyes of the Huaorani guides.

Through daily rainforest treks in the forest travellers will learn about its many wonders and from visiting the local Huaorani communities travellers will gain an introduction to their unique way of life and customs. Additional activities will range from cooling dips in the river and trying one’s skills with a traditional eight foot long blowgun to an evening’s stake out in a hide in the hope of seeing a tapir.

Justin Wateridge commented: “A totally unique jungle and river adventure to Ecuador, tour by small plane, dugout canoe and on foot in a remote area. Definitely one not to miss.”

The dates for this trip are 16th-23rd November 2008. Prices start at £1960. Visit
Huaorani_People_of_the_Amazon to find out more.

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