Bixahuman Invests Heavily in Research and Development for Their Natural Products

Health and wellness company Bixahuman has spent over 8 years researching and developing their range of supplements and products.

Bixahuman Invests Heavily in Research and Development for Their Natural Products
Piscataway, NJ, November 12, 2020 --( The supplement industry has gotten a bad rap over the years, with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs developing and selling harmful products to the public.

Among them stands out Bixahuman, a company that has been incredibly transparent, clear, and honest with their origins, research, and development process.

Focusing on and borrowing from ancient traditions and healing methods, the company has built a reputation for themselves as a pioneer in bridging ancient wisdom with modern technology and methods.

Drawing on healing practices followed by the Mayas, Incas, and other indigenous cultures and traditions, they have built a team of credible researchers and experts to spearhead this project.

With members like Dr. David Terrero, and other experts from the fields of history, medicine, bioscience, and more, they have invested significant amounts of resources, time, and effort in developing supplements using formulas that have stood the test of time.

Each product is designed with a specific formulation of various herbs, spices and other natural sources to offer benefits to users. These ingredients are widely considered to be sources of essential nutrients, including various minerals and vitamins, helping to bridge the gap in the average American diet.

Speaking about the process of research and development, the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Terrero said:

“We have spent over eight years researching the effects, benefits, and advantages of every ingredient in our supplements, borrowing knowledge that has been healing indigenous communities for centuries - understanding how each ingredient works, including our core ingredient, annatto. We truly believe in the power of herbs and natural medicine and believe that science can help enhance and make it safer, which is why we are so dedicated to our work. The research and quest for knowledge are never-ending at Bixahuman!"

They have developed a vast pool of knowledge through their extensive research, in addition to being the first lab to develop original formulas and products based on their understanding of indigenous cultures.

With a range of all-natural, safe, and effective supplements developed based on these formulas, the company has invested heavily in producing safe products for consumers to use.

About Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals
As one of the primary suppliers of 100% herbal supplements, Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals offers a wide array of formulas to choose from. Using ancient herbal remedies and blends, the company draws in Mayan, Incan, and other indigenous cultures.

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