DHI Launches New Operational Service to Help WWTPs Increase Capacity, Minimise Pollutant Discharge and Reduce Energy and Chemical Consumption Through a Digital Twin

TwinPlant is a powerful platform that combines operational data with a model for wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) process modelling online. It is designed to help operators optimise their plant performance and treatment process by providing accurate, real-time information through the creation of a digital twin of their WWTP.

Hørsholm, Denmark, November 13, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Director for Market Development, Jan Krejcik, explained that TwinPlant’s efficient engine allows for simultaneous simulations, testing complex control scenarios and running advanced experiments. Using the modelling software WEST for advanced control and automated reporting of WWTP processes, operators can be equipped with fully open and customised real-time control (RTC) and monitoring dashboards. This enables them to optimise the treatment processes while adjusting solutions as the system evolves.

Proven results compared to traditional solutions

WWTPs have been challenged with managing a variable volume of wastewater and complying with tough regulations to meet environmental standards. A classical approach to solve this problem is to expand the capability of the treatment plant with the addition of new treatment tanks. However, not only is this more costly and demands more space, it could lead to higher energy consumption.

"A better solution is to optimise the operation and processes of the existing WWTP set-up," explained Krejcik. "Using this approach, our clients have increased their plant’s capacity, reduced effluents of pollutants into receiving waters and reduced their consumption of energy and chemicals. Moreover, an optimised WWTP is more stable and robust when coping with variable conditions, such as changing inflow amount and composition as well as weather conditions," he continued.

To learn more about TwinPlant and to request a free demo, visit www.dhigroup.com/operational-services/twinplant
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Jennifer J. Mathers