DHI Launches New Cloud-Based Offshore Workability Assessment App

Offshore planners and operators can now take advantage of a reliable new tool that supports the safe and efficient execution of operations on offshore energy assets. - September 10, 2021

Highly Anticipated Cloud Service Helps Water Utilities Reduce Inflow and Infiltration Impacts

Across the globe, rainfall is triggering an increase of infiltration and inflow in both combined and separate sewer networks. This reduces the ability of sanitary sewer systems and treatment facilities to transport and treat wastewater. As a result, wastewater treatment processes are disrupted, and poorly treated wastewater is discharged into the environment, putting public health at risk. - January 23, 2021

MIKE Mine: Cloud-Based Mine Water Management Tool Now Even Better with Upgraded Features

MIKE Mine is an operational software released by DHI in 2019 to help mining companies expedite critical water-related decision-making and risk analysis. The power of MIKE Mine lies in its ability to provide real-time monitoring, forecasting, reconciliation and reporting by creating a digital twin of a mining operation. - December 16, 2020

Online Service Delivers Instant Access to Global Hydrological Data with No Additional Simulation Required

Water modellers worldwide can now benefit from a new data service offering easy access to critical hydrological data for use in decision support applications and planning work. - December 06, 2020

DHI Announces Latest Data Service Designed to Help Shipping Companies Lower Vessel Fuel Consumption by Up to 5%

A novel data service to help shipping companies reduce operating expenses and meet increasing regulatory requirements is now available in the market. - November 13, 2020

DHI Launches New Operational Service to Help WWTPs Increase Capacity, Minimise Pollutant Discharge and Reduce Energy and Chemical Consumption Through a Digital Twin

TwinPlant is a powerful platform that combines operational data with a model for wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) process modelling online. It is designed to help operators optimise their plant performance and treatment process by providing accurate, real-time information through the creation of a digital twin of their WWTP. - November 13, 2020

Water Distribution: How New Technologies Can Help Preserve and Improve Drinking Water Quality

With climate changes and rapidly increasing population it has, more than ever, become crucial to find ways to manage urban water environments efficiently – today and in the future for the sake of both mankind and the environment. - November 20, 2019

DHI Water & Environment, Inc. Expands Local Presence with Opening of New Ecology and Environment Department

DHI Water & Environment, Inc, a Danish not-for-profit research and consultancy firm regionally headquartered in Denver, CO, has expanded its footprint to now include an Ecology and Environment Department (EED). The EED department will allow DHI to offer a more comprehensive array of ecological... - February 23, 2018

Alabama Capital Adopts DHI's Cloud Technology to Assess Hydraulic Conditions

Montgomery Water Works & Sanitary Sewer Board Selects DHI’s Web Based WaterNet Advisor Tool - September 27, 2017

Florida Coastal Engineering Firm Chooses MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis Software

Coastal Systems International Chooses DHI’s Marine Modeling Tool to Perform Highly Precise Moored Vessel Response Assessment - September 03, 2017

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