TEBillion Introduces Automation Tools Special Offer Price in Sri Lankan Market

London, United Kingdom, November 21, 2020 --(PR.com)-- As the worldwide economy is impacted and business staff encouraged if not required to work remotely, TEBillion comes to the rescue of its patrons in Sri Lanka by giving them an offer price of their intelligent automation tools and expertise.

TEBillion started signing off partners in the country and while closely monitoring the challenges brought by the pandemic, TEB came to the conclusion that a large number of businesses in the Sri Lankan market are struggling to keep business afloat while ensuring the safety of its employees. In order to support them during these trying times, together with its partner network in the country, TEBillion is helping businesses from any industry in Sri Lanka create a sturdy foundation for their customer relationship management and business automation through TEB's automation tools at an offer price.

By leveraging the maximum potential of intelligent automation, TEB's automation tools are cutting-edge, competitively priced, and streamlined which guarantees yielding profit and scaling growth to the Sri Lankan business industry.

TEBillion has always shown and proven its care to its user and partner network. The company previously hosted and conducted webinars with their existing partners worldwide to check in on them and how they are surviving following the Coronavirus outbreak that has impacted business and the worldwide economy. TEBillion helped its existing partners in laying out surviving and adapting strategies with COVID-19 still happening.

For more information about TEBillion and be a part of its user and partner network, contact:
Email: pr@tebillion.email
Website: www.tebillion.com

About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.
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