TEBillion Launches Lead Journey Feature

TEBillion, leading provider of business automation solutions, has launched another advanced functionality within TEB Cloud, their flagship product. The feature provides more transparency within lead management and its journey. This new advanced feature by TEB Cloud provides a story of leads. This... - July 18, 2021

TEB Improves User Experience with Quick Add Feature

TEBillion has yet again added another advanced feature across all of its business automation tools that improve user experience focused on convenience for its users. The advanced feature is called the Quick Add Feature, a functionality wherein users can quickly add any action across the... - June 27, 2021

TEBillion Enhances Sales Team Productivity with Team Activity Reports

TEBillion has launched another advanced feature within its sales automation tool, the TEB Sales. This advanced feature not only enhances and promotes productivity in the workplace but also gives leadership team a better understanding on how their staff are working and operating. This new advanced... - June 26, 2021

TEBillion Launches Personalised Organiser Feature

TEBillion, leading provider of business automation software, has yet again launched another advanced functionality within their flagship product, the TEB Cloud, that focused on enhancing business organisation and prioritisation of tasks for every individual user. This new advanced functionality... - June 24, 2021

TEBillion Helps India Breathe Again

TEBillion is helping raise funds for the Indian Red Cross Society to provide oxygen and other medical equipment needed for those who were greatly affected by the second wave of COVID-19 cases. India gasps for air as it deals with the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now relying... - May 19, 2021

TEBillion Adds Advanced Search Feature Within TEB Cloud's Reporting

TEBillion the leading business automation software company launches an advanced search feature within its brainy software suite's reporting systems. Within TEB Cloud is an intelligent reporting system that gives businesses a complete and accurate overview of the business's health and enables them... - May 01, 2021

TEBillion to Make Business Automation Products More Accessible

Lead software company for business automation solutions, TEBillion, is setting up plans to make its automation products more accessible to businesses that need them worldwide. As TEBillion is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable and open atmosphere for its customers and partners by constantly... - April 23, 2021

TEBillion Upgrades Reporting for Billing and Orders

TEBillion announced the release of a new reporting upgrade for its billing and orders automation suite. TEB's brainy software suite is now able to track payments more efficiently. Monitoring outstanding and pending payments. Being on top of billing can now be achieved quickly and done more... - April 22, 2021

TEBillion Announces Popularity of Its New Mobile App Among Users

TEBillion, the leading software company for business automation solutions has released the new mobile app to its customers and partners to be a principal tool for business growth. TEBillion previously announced the rolling out of the new mobile app and not long after the announcement, it has now... - April 16, 2021

TEBillion Roll Out the New TEB Cloud Mobile App

TEBillion's flagship product the TEB Cloud, is set to have a new mobile app available to its customers and partners. TEB Cloud is a complete business automation suite created for the needs of growing businesses. TEB Cloud completely automates every single business process, from sales to projects... - March 21, 2021

TEB Web Forms Integration Feature is the Most Popular Among Web Commerce Customers

TEBillion, leading business automation solutions provider, announced the release of its web form integration feature within TEB business automation is the most popular right now among its customers and partners using the robust automation system. The web form integration feature, helps businesses... - March 17, 2021

TEBillion Improves Reporting with Drill-Down Features

TEBillion releases another advanced functionality to its business automation solution that improves the quality of a business' reporting process, the drill-down reports feature. This update by TEB allows businesses to visualize their data thoroughly and in a detailed fashion. Businesses can view... - March 13, 2021

TEBillion Helps Businesses Get Day to Day Activity Fully Automated with Advanced Notifications

TEBillion announces the soon to be released feature within TEB Cloud that will define a new and advanced way of receiving notifications in the brainy software suite. With more and more companies transition to remote working arrangements in the long run and post-COVID, to effectively monitor and... - March 12, 2021

Multinational Company Switches to TEB Business Automation

TEBillion welcomes a leading international business with worldwide operations as part of its growing customers. The multinational company that over the years had been using Zoho has decided to switch to TEB business automation solutions. The multinational company had been using the existing... - March 07, 2021

TEBillion Empowering Business Growth with Complete Management Reporting Dashboard

TEBillion releases yet again another advanced functionality feature for its flagship product, the TEB Cloud, a complete business automation system created for the needs of growing businesses. The new feature highlights a complete management reporting dashboard. TEB Cloud's all-new management... - February 28, 2021

TEB Cloud to Become a Single Business Platform Cloud for High Growth Businesses

TEBillion kicked off 2021 announcing major product expansions and new feature updates to be released within the year and the anticipation for a new and improved software suite does not stop there. TEBillion, one of the leading business automation solutions providers, announces that as part of the... - February 24, 2021

TEBillion Soon to Release Outlook Calendar Integration Update Within TEB Cloud

Following the announcement of the many product expansions TEBillion is set to release this year, the software company has also announced an upcoming feature update for TEB Cloud, the integration of Outlook's calendar within TEB's brainy business automation suite, the TEB Cloud. This highly... - February 20, 2021

Leading Demand Generation Company Switches to TEB Business Automation from Salesforce

TEBillion starts the year off remarkably by signing up a leading demand generation company based in India as part of its thriving customer network. The demand generation company was previously using Salesforce and made the switch to TEB business automation tools. The leading demand generation... - February 17, 2021

TEBillion Business Automation Demand to Grow Significantly in 2021

London, United Kingdom: TEB business automation is expecting a high demand in its business automation solutions in 2021. This is mainly due to the way businesses are adapting to working in the pandemic and expected change in business habits post the pandemic. The need for remote working needs for... - February 15, 2021

TEBillion – Business Automation is the Top Investment for High Growth Businesses in 2021

As the year nears to an end, TEBillion forecasts the market trends for the year 2021 and eyes business automation as a key area for businesses to invest in while the whole world is still in the process of eliminating the Coronavirus pandemic. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, governments from all... - January 29, 2021

TEBillion Ends the Year 2020 with a Bang with New TEB Cloud Feature Update

As most companies are busy with preparations for the next year, TEBillion ends the year with new feature updates on its brainy software suite. Following the release of the new dashboard feature that gives users an easier process of their year-end reviews, reports, and audits, TEBillion has yet... - January 27, 2021

TEBillion Product Launches and Expansion Plans in 2021

TEBillion is set to launch more innovative business automation products in 2021 and have identified the key areas for expansion based on customer survey data and market survey feedback from the past year. One of the big things that TEB considers looking forward to is the launch of its complete... - January 17, 2021

TEB Cloud's New Capabilities Further Enhance Teamwork in the Workplace

TEBillion released an important product feature this week that allows its users to fine-tune member access to its intelligent reports further enhancing collaboration in the workplace. TEB Cloud users can now define access for its intelligent reports as the system now allows users to restrict or... - January 15, 2021

Update Your Actions and Notes on the Fly with TEB Cloud's In-Line Feature

New and improved capabilities. TEBillion just recently released in-line feature within TEB Sales and TEB Orders that allow users to update transaction notes and actions on the fly. TEBillion firmly believes that not only efficient work performance delivers quality results but also teamwork and... - January 13, 2021

Seamless Lead Capturing with TEBillion's Landing Page Integration

TEBillion makes data capturing for your lead generation seamless and efficient as it introduces its landing page integration within its brainy software suite. TEBillion is continuously building and improving integration features to make business processes easier for our clients and partners. This... - January 10, 2021

New Dashboard Capabilities by TEB Give Users More Advanced Year-End Business Review

TEBillion makes it easier to reconcile and streamline the year-end reports with its software suite's new dashboard capabilities. As the year nears an end, businesses are busier this holiday season with year-end reviews, reports, and audits especially to most businesses that follow the fiscal... - January 07, 2021

TEBillion Makes Lead Generation Easier with Web Form Integration

TEBillion adds another strong and useful tool to its brainy software suite that makes a business's lead generation and sales management easier by the use of a web form integration. Normally, business websites have web forms that capture data and route the data to another platform that can be... - January 01, 2021

TEBillion's New Reporting System Makes Way for Most Efficient Business Management

Business management is made more effective and efficient as TEBillion releases a new and advanced reporting system integrated within its automation tools. Although management reporting systems are proven to improve business, not all of these systems can do this efficiently. Even with an integrated... - December 30, 2020

TEBillion’s Year-End Promotions

TEBillion will celebrate the holidays differently this year due to the risks brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. Since mass gatherings and parties are still being discouraged in all TEB office locations, the company will offer exciting deals and promotions for all product offerings to its... - December 24, 2020

TEB Cloud Gives Your Organisation Smooth Transition for Workflow Ownership

TEBillion announces that it has added a new capability to its flagship product, the TEB Cloud, a tool that further enhances smooth transition of ownership of data or workflow within the system. When a member of the team leaves the organisation or moves between departments it can be a challenge... - December 19, 2020

TEBillion Launches New Capabilities Within TEB Orders for Maximised Sales

TEBillion launches a new feature within its brainy software suite that will allow users to enhance profit and growth. Sell more with TEB Orders' newly released update featuring an upgrade within its template, the ability to design quotes with bundled products. Users can sequence products within... - December 18, 2020

Fully Integrated Action Diary Released in TEBillion's Software Suite

TEBillion continuously enhances its software suite's capabilities and potential as it releases a streamlined and fully integrated action diary feature. One of the challenging processes concerning integrated systems is that business actions may be all over the place especially coming from different... - December 13, 2020

Plan Your Leads Ahead with TEB's Lead Scheduling Slots

TEBillion optimises your lead management processes with TEB Cloud's newly released feature. For salespeople, most times lead data can be overwhelming especially in terms of scheduling calls and meetings. Usually, salespeople turn to third-party apps and platforms to be able to schedule leads... - December 11, 2020

Operate Seamlessly with TEBillion's Integrated Business Feature

Effortlessly align your business processes with your goals with TEBillion's new integrated business feature within its brainy software suite, the TEB Cloud. The integrated business feature by TEBillion highlights connecting journeys wherein business processes can seamlessly transition from one... - December 09, 2020

TEBillion Advances TEB Cloud with Integrated Workflow

TEBillion further strengthens and improves its brainy software as a new product feature is made available and highlighted that gives business the benefit of simple but streamlined workflows. TEBillion just added this new feature highlighting the integration of multiple workflows into one simple... - December 05, 2020

South African Business Streamline Processes with TEB Automation Tools

TEBillion a leading business automation solutions provider based in the UK, announces that it's giving its South African customers an offer price for its intelligent automation tools and expertise to help sustain business growth during the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. TEBillion... - December 03, 2020

TEBillion Undertakes Into the Photography Industry with Growing Photographer Recruitment Startup

TEBillion is excited to undertake a new service industry as it closes a deal with growing a photographers and studios recruitment firm. As humanity proceeds with what is called the "new normal," which encourages more remote working arrangements and online transactions, those providing... - November 29, 2020

Robust Lead Management with TEB Cloud Automation Tool

TEBillion just launched a new advanced feature for its advanced automation tool giving users a more robust and efficient lead management process within businesses. TEBillion with its flagship offering the TEB Cloud, is what's helping businesses around the world achieve business goals and success... - November 27, 2020

TEBillion Unveils Advanced Management Reporting

London, United Kingdom: TEBillion's new feature addition to its brainy software suite is its advanced management reporting that will give executives a clearer and more focused view of a business's health. This update highlights a streamlined report of company product sales allowing executives to... - November 25, 2020

TEBillion Introduces Automation Tools Special Offer Price in Sri Lankan Market

As the worldwide economy is impacted and business staff encouraged if not required to work remotely, TEBillion comes to the rescue of its patrons in Sri Lanka by giving them an offer price of their intelligent automation tools and expertise. TEBillion started signing off partners in the country... - November 21, 2020

TEBillion Supports Existing Customers in Light of the Pandemic

TEBillion is giving existing customers an offer price of their intelligent automation tools and expertise to help them sustain business growth despite the COVID-19 outbreak. TEBillion fully understands the challenges their users and partners have faced in terms of business due to the Coronavirus... - November 19, 2020

Sri Lanka to Streamline Businesses with TEB Automation Tools

TEBillion is delighted to announce that its business automation tools will soon be made available in Sri Lanka as the company anticipates the signing channel partner agreements with leading technology solutions providers in the region. TEBillion channel team is actively seeking channel partners... - November 15, 2020

TEBillion Celebrates Diwali, The Festival of Lights

Diwali is the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Being one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated across South Asia, TEBillion kicks off the week by celebrating the festival with its partner network. TEBillion, a business... - November 13, 2020

TEBillion Celebrates a Successful Channel Network PAN India with Exclusive Offer for Partners

As TEBillion announces that it has successfully achieved a successful channel network across PAN India, the company is offering an exclusive promotional offer price for its partners. While closely monitoring the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the businesses of its... - November 12, 2020

TEBillion Announces Diwali Festival Promo for Existing Partners

Although celebrations may look a little different this year, TEBillion will still celebrate Diwali by offering a special promotion to its existing partner network. TEBillion acknowledges the love and trust its partners and customers are giving especially this time during the pandemic by giving a... - November 11, 2020

Let Your Order Management Software Run Repeat Orders for You with TEBillion

TEBillion, a leading business automation solutions provider, highlights the Auto-Renewal feature with its TEB Orders. As TEBillion introduced its new and improved TEB Orders, it takes pride in an important feature which is its Auto-Renewal service. This feature is not just like any other... - November 07, 2020

TEBillion Introduces Advanced Management Dashboard

TEBillion announces an incoming feature update for its software suite, the TEB Cloud, a whole new and advanced management dashboard for business management. In the coming update, TEB's users will experience a simplified but advanced analysis and reporting of business health. The dashboard will be... - November 05, 2020

Introducing TEB Branded Orders

TEBillion, one of the leading business automation solutions providers, is giving its brainy software suite a huge and advanced feature update allowing its user network have a more personalised experience in using TEB Cloud. TEBillion will soon introduce its Branded Orders feature, an advanced and... - November 01, 2020

TEBillion Introduces TEB Cloud's New Dashboard Look

The upgrades do not stop as TEBillion introduces its enhanced and sleek-looking TEB Cloud Dashboard, created to allow its user network to have a complete view of data from business processes or services in one platform. This update introduces a new appearance within the dashboard and allows more... - October 30, 2020

TEB Automation Suite Starts to Streamline Business Processes for South African Businesses

TEBillion announces that its advanced automation tools will soon be the business automation driver of growth and success for businesses in South Africa in the coming months. TEBillion is expanding its channel network in South Africa and has already been actively looking for dedicated channel... - October 28, 2020

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