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As a professional tour operator providing travel products all over China, Tang Dynasty Travel can offer you and your clients the highest level of service and very competitive prices.

London, United Kingdom, April 27, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Tang Dynasty Travel is a relatively new company in the China tour operator arena. That being said, its management and team are definitely not. Tang Dynasty Travel is led by a group of professionals who have been working in the tourism industry for over 15 years. This gives this new company the unique ability to work with major airlines, hotels, and local tour operators throughout China that they have been building a partnership with for more than a decade and a half. This gives them the ability to offer a large variety of tours at great prices. Tang Dynasty Travel works hard to ensure that the people who travel with them have an unforgettable experience on their trip through China. Their slogan is "Let's Grow Together". They have chosen this slogan because it is their sincere hope that their company can grow together with all of their partner's companies.

One of the unique features of Tang Dynasty Travel is their ability to promote their partners image. Through every aspect of a visitors' trip to China Tang Dynasty Travel promotes their partners name. All Flags, welcome boards and banners will all feature their partner's name. Tang Dynasty Travel's name is never used, or given to their partner's clients.

Tang Dynasty Travel excels at arranging not only regular tours within China including Hong Kong and Macao, but also cycling tours, hiking tours, honeymoon tours, incentive tours, business tours, and culture tours. They have had clients from all over the world including: the United States, Great Britain, Canada Australia, and New Zealand. They have also had clients from many non-English speaking countries including: the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Israel, South Africa, Russia, and Brazil.

Tang Dynasty Travel is great at customizing tours based on their partners, or their partners' client's requirements. They are adept at upgrading or downgrading accommodations, methods of transportations to meet their client's requirements and group size.

Tang Dynasty Travel realizes the importance of local tour guides. Local tour guides are the only employees that clients will come in contact with, and their professionalism, and abilities all reflect heavily on Tangy Dynasty Travel, and its partners. All Tour guides that work for Tang Dynasty Travel must undergo a rigorous testing process before they are considered worthy of guiding clients, and once considered worthy, they must adhere to a strict set of guidelines. Each guide is custom chosen for the clients that he/she will guide. Younger clients will get a more vigorous guide, while older clients will have a more careful guide. Even disables clients will have a guide that is capable and experienced in helping them. This is done so that each visitor to China will have the ultimate experience with a guide perfectly suited for them. Tang Dynasty Travel is very concerned with all parts of a client's visit to China. Not only the tour guides have to meet the company's standards, but all meals, accommodations, transportation and entertainment offered to Tang Dynasty Travel's partners'clients do as well. Tang Dynasty Travel makes sure that every aspect of a clients visit to China is the best available.

Teamwork is an overused word in business today, but Tang Dynasty Travel truly believes that true teamwork is more important than ever. Tang Dynasty Travel's devotion to teamwork not only makes it a cohesive unit, but also makes the workplace much more enjoyable. Each member of Tang Dynasty Travel's team not only loves travel, and sharing their culture with partners and clients, but loves their job. This essentially makes each client's experience with Tang Dynasty Travel worry free, safe, and unforgettable.

Being a fairly new company, Tang Dynasty Tours has been taking part in many trade shows around the world. In 2007 Tang Dynasty Travel participated inWorld Travel Market (WTM) 2007, held annually in London. At PTM07, Tang Dynasty Travel was featured in an article which appeared in the PATA edition of TTG Asia. In 2008 Tang Dynasty Travel will be attending many more trade shows. In September they will participate in the ASTA trade show in Orlando Florida, and the PATA trade show in Hyderbad, India. In October, Tang Dynasty Travel will participate in WTM 2008 in London.

Tang Dynasty Travel
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