XinFin Community Decides to Burn Partial XDCE Tokens Supply

For better custody management, the XinFin community has decided to reduce the supply of XDCE tokens.

Singapore, Singapore, December 11, 2020 --( The XinFin community has decided to further reduce the supply of XDCE tokens.

Hence, the network burns more than 2 billion XDCE tokens taking the total supply of XDCE from 5 billion to 2.9 billion tokens. The community also plans to further reduce the supply of the XDCE tokens in the near future.

XDCe Burning Transaction Detail:

The XinFin Network has brought its community members a range of benefits such as smart contract support, near-zero gas fees, rapid transaction speed of fewer than two seconds, and also a reduction in energy consumption by 99% as compared to popular PoW networks.

HotBit was the recent exchange that started supporting XDC Chain and replaced ERC20 version XDCe.

We Are Open to Feedback
We believe that we can deliver the best of the XinFin network and the XDCE and XDC tokens to our users only when we know what our community members need. This is why we welcome feedback from our community members with open arms and work on them to make the network ready for the digitized future.
XinFin Fintech Pte. Ltd.
Nadar Suresh