ZealousWeb Appreciates Craft CMS: Witnesses an Exponential Growth in 2020

San Diego, CA, December 19, 2020 --(PR.com)-- 2020 was the year of growth for Craft CMS. With the release of Commerce 3.2, Craft 3.5, and the launch of the enhanced accessibility, Craft has redefined new standards in the tech arena.

Craft CMS is globally renowned for offering a flexible, robust, and developer-friendly platform to create websites and eCommerce stores. It provides out-of-the-box solutions and facilitates the creation of a unique website.

ZealousWeb has been working with Craft CMS for years now, and their developers have balanced client satisfaction and upskilling themselves very efficiently. With a 96.7% client satisfaction rate, team ZealousWeb offers various solutions within Craft CMS development. Upon hiring a Craft CMS developer from the company, its clients witness outstanding professionalism, inclusivity, and swift development.

"We've been working with Craft CMS for over a few years now, and we're astonished to look at its growth and the solutions it provides. We're not picking sides, but working with Craft CMS has been, by far, the most comfortable and highly-functional platform that we've worked with. Looking at its progress in 2020, we're awaiting what it has in stores for the developer community in the following year," said the pragmatic COO, Keyur Dave.

Since its introduction, Craft CMS has been a ground-breaking platform amongst all others. While it may not be widespread in an obvious sort of way, but the strength of its community says a lot.

In the middle of 2020, Craft launched Craft Commerce 3.2 with significant new additions such as GraphQL API improvement, Downloading PDF action, multiple PDF templates, and much more. Around the same time, it also launched Craft CMS 3.5 with improved accessibility, better author experience, GraphQL application, and a lot more.

CMS experts call it the future of web development given its developer-friendly framework and out-of-the-box solutions. If you're looking to hire a Craft CMS developer, then you must navigate to ZealousWeb and check out their vivid portfolios.

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