ZealousWeb Launches a Dynamic Shopify App

As the eCommerce industry grows by leaps and bounds during the COVID-19 pandemic, platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more have seen a sharp rise. During this incremental phase, companies have released multiple Shopify and WooCommerce apps and plugins to help eCommerce merchants... - March 14, 2021

ZealousWeb Launches Magento 2 Extensions to Promote Post-COVID eCommerce Sale in 2021

Magento 2 comes with a variety of benefits that upscale the previous version and many of its existing competitors in the web development arena. According to recent studies, eCommerce sales have seen a 44% rise since 2019 only because of the effects of the pandemic. While a few trend-chasers... - February 20, 2021

ZealousWeb’s Local SEO Packages to the Rescue: Post-COVID Business Perpetuity Solution

As the COVID situation improves, there are a few post-COVID anticipations that each company has with itself. Given the multiple inflection points in the way ZealousWeb function, the company has seen many businesses leverage the virtual space for better profits due to the series of precautionary... - February 12, 2021

ZealousWeb’s Decade Worth of Experience with PrestaShop

With a dominant presence in Europe and Latin America, PrestaShop captures a fair share of the global market in the eCommerce arena. Its distinguishing features include the interests of the DIY crowd and enable them to control their eStore. Such independence has been well-received globally - making... - January 28, 2021

ZealousWeb’s Magento Meet Experience - Learning, Sharing, and Growing

Innovation is the key to creating marvels. Gathering a community of like-minded people with a common interest has historically resulted in lucrative business ideas. Magento Meet one such community-powered event that happens across the globe to pamper, enlighten, and set visions for each of its... - January 27, 2021

ZealousWeb Launches a Variety of Fixed & Custom SEO Packages

To celebrate the new year, ZealousWeb, an innovative IT firm, has launched a wide variety of pocket-friendly and flexible SEO packages for its customers. The world almost came to a halt in the wake of the pandemic, and business activities could not find the right customer due to the fear of... - January 20, 2021

ZealousWeb Appreciates Craft CMS: Witnesses an Exponential Growth in 2020

2020 was the year of growth for Craft CMS. With the release of Commerce 3.2, Craft 3.5, and the launch of the enhanced accessibility, Craft has redefined new standards in the tech arena. Craft CMS is globally renowned for offering a flexible, robust, and developer-friendly platform to create... - December 19, 2020

ZealousWeb Celebrates Silver Jubilee: Successful Completion of 25 React Native Projects

As ZealousWeb completes its 17th year and moves into its 18th, the team is also celebrating the completion of its 25th React Native project. React Native is a result of a hackathon held by Facebook to find a better framework within Javascript to solve the slowing down in data transfer. Today, 42%... - December 10, 2020

ZealousWeb Launches a New Service Amidst COVID-19

ZealousWeb, a full-service IT firm, has recently launched a new service after mapping the changing sales trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This global pandemic crisis has shaken almost all businesses. So, to come up with a digital solution that helps businesses and their clients is to pave an... - June 04, 2020

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