No Place Like Home: SkyVPN Reveals "All-New" Customer Trend from Latest Online Survey Ahead of Festive Season

SkyVPN reels out findings from a recent online survey, with 85% of respondents opting to celebrate the festive season with loved ones virtually, highlighting the “different” trend festivities are likely to take this year while giving actionable, easy-to-apply tips to users to securely stay connected with loved ones.

Sunnyvale, CA, December 24, 2020 --( As users increasingly turn to virtual means of connecting with their loved ones in the wake of the pandemic, holiday celebrations this year are bound to feel “different.”

SkyVPN, a high-end virtual proxy network services provider, embarked on an online survey that was greeted with an emphatic response of 85% of respondents indicating that they will be celebrating the festive season with loved ones virtually.

With most persons looking to virtually spend quality time with their loved ones, SkyVPN’s report includes helpful tips on how to create and maintain a secure, reliable, and private connection. They include avoiding hacker attacks with VPN when using online shopping and video call services, exercising maximum care when connecting to public open Wi-Fi, and watching favorite movies, TV programs and TV series with VPN.

The recent widespread use of VPN can be linked to the ever-growing need for security and privacy amidst cyberattacks initiated by hackers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private, secure pathway created from a public internet connection. VPNs protect users’ IP addresses from third-party interference through data encryption. It also conceals user browsing history, IP address, location, and most internet-related activities. It is almost impossible for anyone else—even Internet Service Providers—to trace internet VPN users.

“The events of the past year have made it clear just how critical cyber-security is in creating strong customer experiences for our users,” stated Edward, SkyVPN's Product Manager. “Having embraced the realities of our users, we understand how important it is, now, more than ever, to enlighten our users, especially this festive season on how to ensure their online safety.”

As is characteristic of progressive, customer-focused organizations, SkyVPN embarked on a comprehensive sampling of the opinion of a considerable number of its users on how they plan to take on festive celebrations this holiday.

The findings of the SkypVPN survey revealed that 80% of participants have their hearts set on staying at home during both Christmas and New Year’s Day. The decision to stay home for most persons should not be confused with a lack of desire to spend quality time with friends and families. Instead, it is a decision mostly compelled spate of circumstances arising from enforced lock-down restrictions, courtesy of a second wave of COVID-19.

“Home is where the heart is, despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic, we deem it unquestionably crucial for users to communicate and share these awesome memories with friends and families without any fear of intrusion or invasion by hackers and unwanted parties,” said Edward, SkyVPN's Product Manager. “That’s what makes a secure and private connection necessary. That’s what makes SkyVPN necessary.”

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