Baked Industries of Northern California to Launch 3D Printing Affiliate Program

Baked Industries of Northern California to Launch 3D Printing Affiliate Program
Yuba City, CA, January 06, 2021 --( Baked Industries, a manufacturing company in Northern California who pride themselves on being able to make anything just announced the launch of their Additive Manufacturing 3D printing affiliate program.

The Additive Manufacturing 3D printing service is a process which uses MJF for making precision, functional prototypes and production parts – With Multi Jet Fusion technology (MJF), Baked 3D is capable of printing 3D parts or functioning prototypes with high detail and durability.

The affiliate program will expand the company’s service by getting other companies involved with the process of marketing to their own customer base. The company will sign up, receive a custom link, market 3D printing services via posting the link or by having a banner on their website. The company will receive a 7% commission on all sales sent through their link.

“We believe that many people don’t know where to get their prototypes and ideas manufactured,” says Baked Industries owner and partner Todd Remund. “With our affiliate program, we will expand the visibility and reach to customers needing our technology, through other businesses. We see a win-win situation for everyone, increasing all sales for our business and theirs.” Remund and partner, Dave Cox began Baked Industries in 2011. They have diverse experience in the world of manufacturing and have had great innovations in production.

Businesses wishing to join the affiliate program will need to sign up at: 3D Printing Affiliate Program. After signup, an email will be sent out with a link to the proper government paperwork that will need to be filled out prior to approval. Once approved, businesses will be given a login for the retrieval of their specific link. Businesses will receive an industry high 7% on all sales made through the link. Baked Industries has revealed that they will put no cap or maximum amount that can be earned. Payouts are by checks or Paypal.
Adam Bender