A Time to Reflect and Heal Through the Gentle Sounds of a Piano... New Album Release "Reflections" - Inspired by the COVID Confinement

A Time to Reflect and Heal Through the Gentle Sounds of a Piano... New Album Release "Reflections" - Inspired by the COVID Confinement
Durham, NC, January 14, 2021 --(PR.com)-- "Reflections," by Alejandro Santoyo (Pianist and Composer), Banade Records

The talented composer and pianist has released his 6th album, “Reflections,” inspired and composed during the recent COVID confinement months, with original themes that convey unique feelings of serenity, warmth, well-being and hope.

The album, which contains inspiring and uplifting solo piano tunes, reaffirms its great versatility, which goes beyond any musical genre. Thanks to his highly evocative and colorful compositions, Alejandro Santoyo is achieving great international recognition. The artist has performed successfully in the United States, France and Mexico and has written music for theater, documentaries, TV and film. Alejandro Santoyo began to play the piano by ear and to compose at the age of seven. In his professional beginnings he was a member of some successful children's pop music groups; However, his musical desires led him years later to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston. And his great passion for concert music was rewarded when he earned a Master's degree in classical music from the University of New Mexico (UNM), during which he wrote his “Child’s Play” symphony, recently performed at Baldwin Auditorium in NC. Alejandro Santoyo is a musician who transcends the classifications, to be considered simply as an distinctive and original artist, very complete and capable of inspiring a mysterious, dreamy space among his audience. His music does not hide any of his influences, in it there is pop, new age, classical, jazz, avant garde and even a touch of techno. But his main voice is the piano. That's what listeners can hear in all his six albums: Elevation, New World, Embrace, Dreams for a Better Tomorrow, Peaceful Christmas, and now, "Reflections." This new album, includes songs that convey feelings of deep emotion and well-being, through relaxing piano solo melodies, unlike anything you have heard. As Santoyo himself describes:

"The music in this album 'Reflections' has the intention of bringing to the listener a feeling of serenity and warmth. I share these soothing piano melodies, hoping they can give you a moment of escape, peace, tranquility, and hope during these challenging times..." - Alejandro Santoyo

You can listen to "Reflections" in all digital media outlets including Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6HNjFLp8k2jlPqaxvRrBDE

You can download “Reflections” from the Alejandro Santoyo website: www.alejandrosantoyo.com

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