How Indian Tea Garden Aggregator, Mittal Teas Has Inspired Women Into Work

New York, NY, March 09, 2021 --( Based in New Delhi, tea garden aggregator Mittal Teas has been supplying tea to its customers since its inception in 1954. Founded following a rise in demand for Darjeeling & Assam teas, the wholesaler is now led by father and daughter duo, Vikram and Nikita Mittal.

Alongside its goal to source the best of teas and become a single point of call for suppliers, Mittal Teas has been dedicated to championing women into work. Based in an area where underprivileged women are rarely educated, the Mittal family wanted to offer another option for women to pursue when school isn’t a viable choice.

Nikita Mittal, 4th generation tea master at Mittal Teas, said: “Sometimes, families who can only just afford to send girls to schools, choose not to. This needs to change and there has been increased awareness about that by the government and various non-governmental organisations here.

"However this problem isn’t just for our upcoming generation. What about women who are now older and don’t have the option of going back to school? We decided that their future shouldn’t be limited and at Mittal Teas we teach our employees the art of making handcrafted tea bags that are 100% biodegradable."

With a team of handcrafters, comprising 30 women, Mittal Teas continues to focus on supporting underprivileged communities through the employment and vocational training programmes.

Nikita added: “We’re extremely attached to our local community and we just want to do our bit to support that. Alongside our work to support women into work, we constantly endeavour to promote local handicrafts at the grass-root level for teaware and tea boxes.

"As we continue to expand into more global markets, we intend to retain our core values whilst also acting as an aggregator of fantastic tea from tea gardens across regions in India. We’re excited to continue our journey in parts of the world where our niche teas can be cherished."

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