Experienced Hard Money Loan Firm, Harbor Equity, Promises Funding and Loans to Construction Contractors After the Pandemic

No more lengthy applications or long-winded review process, says Harbor Equity, one of Georgia’s leading hard loan providers.

Experienced Hard Money Loan Firm, Harbor Equity, Promises Funding and Loans  to Construction Contractors After the Pandemic
Atlanta, GA, April 30, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Post-pandemic, rehabilitation in the construction industry has been tough. Construction contractors and gurus are fighting hard to overcome the struggles that a global pandemic left them with, filling unemployed positions back up at the earliest to begin with. The construction industry was one of the worst-hit sectors by the pandemic, specifically where it concerns unemployment. Other industries that were hit hard include food and transportation.

Unlike food and transportation industries, wherefor funding is easy to procure, the construction industry usually has a hard time finding the right financing for its projects. Not only are the funds that they require massive, but they also need to go through a series of checks to prove that their funding applications are to-the-point. Harbor Equity is a nationwide hard loan provider that is helping contractors all over the world with their funding problems.

Speaking about the nature of their work, a senior spokesperson for Harbor Equity said, “Construction isn’t like other industries, finding funding for building or renovation, even small projects, can be very tough. It’s all about the beaucoup bucks, and banks don’t relent easily. They have several forms to be filled, documentation to be submitted reviews and boards and whatnots. By the time the sum is approved, which is often a small sum, the contractors have usually lost a lot of valuable time. We hope to help them get back on track, and fast.”

Harbor Equity, with their 100% private funds and 75 years of experience, do not require their clients to submit any lengthy applications or questionnaires. They promise a minimum of $500,000 if the project should require an asset as soon as the client is able to provide proof of it.

By considerably minimizing the time and effort spent on procuring these funds, Harbor Equity has encouraged contractors to pick up slack and continue working in the same strain as they were doing pre-COVID.

About Harbor Equity
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Harbor Private Equity is a commercial banking firm that provides funding and loans to people in the construction sector. Their management has a collective experience of more than 75 years in the construction hard loan business, and they have facilitated several construction projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida over the past many years. Harbor Equity has earned a name in the construction industry for their non-conventional transaction funding that does not require third party verification for an approval.

Harbor Equity offers its services nationwide.

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