NobelBiz’s Webinar Series Welcomes Rebekah Johnson to Talk About STIR/SHAKEN and Everything You Need to Know as a Call Center Manager

NobelBiz Webinar Series continues with Rebekah Johnson, a leading expert in communication technology, with over ten years of regulatory government and compliance experience. Together with host Christian Montes, Rebekah explains STIR/SHAKEN from a Call Center perspective, clarifying some misconceptions and putting things into perspective for call center owners and managers.

Cheyenne, WY, April 14, 2021 --( STIR/SHAKEN is a key component of the fight against nefarious over-the-phone activities. As the June 30th deadline for implementing STIR/SHAKEN is approaching, Rebekah Johnson answers some of the concerns rising in the call center industry.

This timely discussion is focused on explaining STIR/SHAKEN for those businesses that are involved in making a high number of outbound calls on a daily basis. The webinar covers everything business owners need to do to remain compliant, how can STIR/SHAKEN influence the overall call center performance and addresses some of the most common misconceptions.

Because STIR/SHAKEN has a solid technological component that needs to be implemented before June 30th, call centers need to work closely with their voice service providers to see this through in a timely manner. This webinar will give a good overview of what business owners need to know and how this process will look like from a call center perspective.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone in the Call Center industry who is interested in finding expert answers to the following two question:

- How will STIR/SHAKEN affect call centers and other call-originating businesses?
- How can call centers prepare for STIR/SHAKEN?

The on-demand webinar is available for free. Interested parties can access it here:

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