Mitolytix Novel Biomolecule Converts Malignant Phenotype to Benign Status

A new biomolecule developed my Mitolytix Research, referred to as a "Catalyst," significantly induce necrosis of malignant tumors without histological changes in adjacent nontumorous tissue. The objective is tumor “normalization,” in contrast to “expeditious tumor destruction.” While some similarities between the tumor response of chemo-radiotherapy and the catalyst are observed, several differences are noted.

Mitolytix Novel Biomolecule Converts Malignant Phenotype to Benign Status
Ontario, Canada, April 17, 2021 --( Complex I catalytic oxidation (C1CO), as a function of the Catalyst, is a sequence of related biological events that uniquely differ from Chemo-radiotherapy.

The general thesis states that dysfunctions within the ROS landscape are the potentiating factors that activate cancer metastasis. Moreover, metastatic potential is regulated by redox signaling patterns intended as protective signal propagations.

In other words, tumor cells are mobilized for the purpose of constructing tumors (more accurately described as dysfunctional glands of internal secretion), in peripheral sites of high toxicity. These tumors produce substances that fail to achieve their desired end. Once redox signaling is corrected, these dysfunctional signal propagations terminate.

Dan Stevens