Noir Nightingale Lola Falana Showcased on TVS Flashback Network on WatchYour.TV Platform, Powered by Tulix

TVS Flashback Network is one of 40 TVSMicroChannels.Com, streaming classic TV shows from the first 50 years of commercial TV in the USA over six bundles of TVS Classic TV, TVS Classic Movies, TVS Home Shopping, TVS Lifestyle, TVS Kids & Family, and TVS Sports Networks.

Essington, PA, April 18, 2021 --( The Lola Falana Show, featuring Noir Nigtingale Lola Falana, is currently being showcased on the TVS Flashback Network as well as the TVS Opus Network. The classic TV show featured a rising star in Falana, who burst upon the American scene with her signing and dancing.

TVS Flashback Network is one of six TVS Classic TV channel in the TVS Classic TV Network bundle. Each is a 24/7 streaming post cable network. Channels also include TVS Nostalgia TV Network, TVS Vintage TV Network, TVS Cipher Network, TVS Light Network, and TVS Front Page Detective Network. TVS Opus Network features musical TV performances from the first 50 years of broadcast TV.

All TVS channels are on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. Via apps from Amazon, ROKU, Google, Web TV, and Apple, TVS programming is available on all IPTV and mobile devices as well as on Smart TVs in 85% of TV homes in the USA.

Other shows on TVS Flashback Network include Mary Tyler Moore, Paul Lynde, Doris Day, Love American Style, Room 222, Mannix, McMillan and Wife, Cannon, and Streets of San Francisco.

TVS Television network was founded in 1960 and serves sports, entertainment, and music programming to broadcast, cable, OTT, PPV, IPTV, Mobile and home video platforms.
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