K9 Dog Training Academy Sees Greater Interest in Civilian Dog Training

Delta K9 Academy, a recognized training facility in the Los Angeles area, has experienced a shift in K9 training requests for civilian-owned dogs and created a new hybrid training program for clients. The owners of the dog training facility say the rise of criminal activity has spurred a newfound interest in K9 dog training for dogs that are not affiliated with law enforcement or security agencies.

K9 Dog Training Academy Sees Greater Interest in Civilian Dog Training
Los Angeles, CA, May 06, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Formerly, the K9 dog training facility focused much of its efforts on training working breeds for law enforcement agencies. The facility specializes in working line German Shepherd training and many clients have sought them out for Doberman puppies for sale to use as guard-worthy animals in various working scenarios. While obedience training has always been a part of Delta K9 Academy's service collection for general civilians, more members of the community are showing interest in getting K9-level dog training specifically for their household dogs.

According to the director of operations at Delta K9 Academy,

"People have been visiting and calling our training center to ask if they could get their dogs trained in the same ways K9 dogs are trained for law enforcement. From protection for cars, homes, and people, to training to accustom regular dogs to loud noises and weapons, we've seen a tremendous amount of interest from the surrounding communities in specialized sects of K9 training."

As much as the owners of Delta K9 Academy agree, training a dog for protection is a good idea, they do say some dogs fare better in protective roles than others. According to one of the trainers, pretty much any dog breed can learn some level of protection skill, but dog owners will see a more protective nature and ability to absorb K9 training from specific breeds.

According to the Delta K9 Academy trainer, this is the reason why the German Shepherd dog breed is used most often in policing activities. These dogs have an inherent drive to protect and serve their owner and have an incredibly keen sense of attention to small, seemingly minute details. The dog breed was actually specifically created to serve similar roles in history. He says, with these qualities already present, the German Shepherd quickly picks up on enforcement training and truly retains that training for the long term.

To cater to the heightened demands for protection dogs within the community, Delta K9 Academy has developed a new hybrid dog training service. This training is beyond basic obedience training and involves some of the same methodologies used in training K9 officers. While the training is not as extensive as it is for the dogs eventually used to work alongside enforcement officers, civilian-owned dogs can step away from training with newfound abilities to protect their owners or their owner's property.
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