Roku, Volt Television & I Am Not a Robot's New Stripper Series Pole Goals Examines a Rare Look at Exotic Dancers

Roku, Volt Television & I Am Not a Robot's New Stripper Series Pole Goals Examines a Rare Look at Exotic Dancers
New York, NY, June 10, 2021 --( Volt Television and I Am Not A Robot Productions announce their new stripper docu-follow Pole Goals with the release of the teaser for the show. This promising game-changer is a direct-to-streaming program offering an unprecedented look at five multi-cultural women striving to attain personal and professional goals as impressive as their skills on the pole.

Pole Goals debuts this summer on Roku TV. To learn more, go to

While centered around the everyday experiences of exotic dancers, Pole Goals showcases five women whose lives, personalities, backgrounds, and aspirations couldn't be more varied. For Crystal "Lil Monster" Demopoulos - or Athena Christina as she's known on stage - dancing has become her second physically demanding career, as her focus has primarily shifted to UFC competitive kickboxing. Former teen competitive equestrian Leah Hofmann, aka Kristal, has been training to become a private pilot. Miracle Watson, Chelsea "CC" Love, and Deja-Ann Ramos all had somewhat troubled lives as children dealing with family dysfunction, addiction, and even abuse. Chelsea, AKA Nikki, discovered a passion and talent as a visual artist as she sought an outlet to heal from a past relationship. Hawaiian beauty Deja-Ann is juggling motherhood, a growing massage business while going to chiropractic school. Miracle navigates a similar schedule with her transition from nail tech by day, dancer by night to full-time beauty professional and salon owner.

While Pole Goals follows women's lives in transition, it clarifies that none of these women feel any of the shame or stigmatization the world has assigned to their current careers.

About Pole Goals
In this new, docu-follow television series, Pole Goals focuses on the day-to-day lives of five exotic dancers who use their talent and ambition to accomplish some of their wildest dreams. Each dancer takes us behind the scenes to see all that goes into being a successful pole dancer, as well as a mom, student, entrepreneur, or whatever goals they seek in their everyday life. There's more to these dancing beauties than meets the eye. Welcome to Pole Goals!

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