COVID-19 Creates Hardships for Locally-Owned Small Businesses Like Crepella Crepes Café

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COVID-19 Creates Hardships for Locally-Owned Small Businesses Like Crepella Crepes Café
Phoenix, AZ, June 17, 2021 --( Crepella Café is a new business in the booming city of Avondale, Arizona that recently opened its doors less than 10 months ago in early August 2020. Amidst the pandemic, many small businesses like Crepella have experienced delays and significant financial losses because of state closures and economic downturn.

Crepella was originally scheduled to open in March 2020 before the pandemic was at large but the opening was eventually delayed until August 2020. The owners of Crepella then had to re-evaluate their entire plans and find ways to get the café going while dealing with looming safety issues and having to minimize financial loss.

As a new business, Crepella also dealt with the added burden of not qualifying for any government relief due to not having any income history or any documentation from 2019 as required to qualify for COVID-19 loans.

“When we were preparing to open Crepella, we expected to get the project done in a certain timeline and had the proper funds to accomplish it before the pandemic. The sudden surge of the pandemic surprised us and left us severely delayed in our opening process which made it difficult to find more funding,” said one of Crepella’s owners.

Many businesses across the valley and across the country are seeing the impact of the pandemic and new businesses are having trouble gaining momentum and success which is evidently an exception for Crepella.

Since August 2020, Crepella has served nearly 50,000 customers as they pride themselves on serving the Avondale community and ensuring every customer has a satisfactory and unique experience at Crepella.

“We genuinely could not have asked for anything more in the middle of a pandemic since we have seen how hard this has been on the food industry as a whole, especially on small businesses. We love and appreciate every customer that walks through our doors and gives our food a try,” said one of the owners.

The owners of Crepella have lived in Avondale for 12 amazing years and have wanted to see more unique foods such as crepes being readily available and accessible in the city. They believe different cultures and rich foods are what make Avondale so unique and bringing in a wider variety of crepes allows them to add a creative twist to the riveting culture.

Regardless of the impact of the pandemic, Crepella Café is determined to continue thriving and growing to serve the bright residents of Avondale and West Valley. Hardships and setbacks are only temporary for Crepella and they believe in persevering through the odds to come out stronger.

For more information about Crepella Café, please visit http://CrepellaCafe.Com
Crepella Café
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