PixelPlex Unveils a Powerful Trigger for the Growth of Startups and Giant Businesses

PixelPlex, a full-stack blockchain development service provider helps businesses to create blockchain-based solutions that can help to accelerate the growth of companies. The company has updated the pool of blockchain development services on its website.

New York, NY, June 25, 2021 --(PR.com)-- PixelPlex, a cutting edge blockchain solutions provider, has shown its enthusiasm for blockchain technology by being at the frontline of blockchain application development. PixelPlex solutions have consistently shown the company’s ability to grasp specific difficulties experienced during business operations and proffer requisite solutions. PixelPlex’s blockchain development has also shown to provide an established rock-solid safety, increase ROI and streamline workflows.

PixelPlex helps improve processes with blockchain technology using diverse kind of ways, some of which include custom blockchain integration & development, enterprise blockchain development, blockchain consulting, Defi development, DApp development, Non-fungible tokens development, hyper ledger development and many other solutions.

The company’s CEO expressed their seriousness to handpick the best frameworks and platforms that are ideal for their client. PixelPlex team of engineers are undoubtedly experienced in blockchain technology as they’ve successfully executed over 50 blockchain projects across a 7 year period. PixelPlex ensures that its engineers are abreast of new developments in blockchain technology.

PixelPlex has vast cross-industry expertise that cuts across banking to trading and to payment gateways. They introduce infallible blockchain security, accountability and transparency to every payment. PixelPlex offers small firms and multinational enterprises the opportunity to have solutions like digital identity, financial analytics, automated compliance and multi-factor authentication in their business processes.

An example of the ingenuity of PixelPlex engineers is a platform called Obito that the company recently built. Obito is a smart contract and asset tokenization platform that’s based on Bitcoin Cash.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a blockchain-based technology company with talented employees that are keen on making a decentralized future a reality. The company was founded in 2007 and it has grown rapidly within a short time frame.
Alexei Dulub