How to Stop Termites from Invading Home by Loveall Pest Control LLC

Termites are most active during the hot summer months. Learn how to find if termites are invading your home and how to get rid of them.

How to Stop Termites from Invading Home by Loveall Pest Control LLC
Maricopa, AZ, June 25, 2021 --( Termites are most active in the warmer months of summer because they do not hibernate and the worker termites are out and about gathering food, building tubes, etc. Most homeowners do not know that getting rid of termites is easier than you may think – but it takes work. This is not common knowledge to most people who are not in the pest control business. However, we believe you may want to know this information if you have termites infesting your home.

Loveall Pest Control, LLC offers a quick study on why termites are invading your home and how to stop them from making your home, their home. In a few years, they have grown to two physical pest control service locations in Arizona (Maricopa and Mesa) as well as a BBB A+ rating. Loveall Pest Control, LLC has had major success because of their professionalism, common sense approach to treatment, knowledge, and willingness to give share DIY solutions with customers.

During the hot summer months, colonies release hundreds, if not thousands, of flying termites, called alates. These termites fly to separate from the colony and establish new colonies. Their task is to leave the nest, find partners, and establish new termite colonies, each home to thousands (and, in rare cases, millions) of offspring.

Learn why termites are invading your home and how to stop them from making your home, their home.

One of the only visible signs of the existence of termites is the evidence of termite tubes and the shedding of wings and leaves. These may be the visual warning of termites in the area but remember, they are operating as a large termite colony underground and undetected.

Termites are beetles that feed on wood and cause more than $5 billion in damage each year. Most homeowners tend to wait until they see the first signs of a termite problem before calling a pest control company. However, sometimes that is too late as the termites have infested the entire home.

There are four main types of termite treatments, including liquid and soil termiticides, termite baits and termiticides for building materials, and wood treatments. Liquid and soil termiticides are long-lasting treatments that can protect a house from termites for up to five years on average, although some products require longer protection periods.

The most effective treatment against active termite infestation is a combination of applying a soil barrier, termiticide treatment and installing a termite bait system. Treating a termite infestation can be as simple as setting up a bait system by digging a trench around your house and erecting termiticides and barriers.

The same combination of termite treatments used to combat an active infestation can go a long way to preventing future infestations. If there is an existing termite infestation in an older house, the best termite treatment is a complete fumigation.

Another chemical termite treatment you can find for your own pest and termite control is the use of Taurus SC. This chemical contains the active ingredient fipronil, which stands for advanced termite treatments and technology.

Since professional termite treatment can be expensive, many homeowners are looking for home remedies to deal with termites. Please do as much research as you can and learn the laws and where your pipes are before you start digging and applying termiticide and baits. To learn more about termite control please speak with your local pest control specialist.
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