The World's First Hydrogen Infused Functional Energy Drink Made with 100 PPM Deuterium Depleted Water

The World's First Hydrogen Infused Functional Energy Drink Made with 100 PPM Deuterium Depleted Water
Reno, NV, August 03, 2021 --( Litewater Scientific, LLC in collaboration with H2 Beverages, Inc. is excited to announce the World’s First Hydrogen-Infused functional beverage using 100 ppm Deuterium Depleted Water from Litewater Scientific.

H2Bev continues to be a leader and innovator with its Hydrogen-Infused Technology by adding new categories to the beverage industry, Hydrogen-Infused Deuterium Depleted RTD functional beverage. This new functional beverage has been shown in studies to increase circulation and the production of nitric oxide in participants who used it.

Hydrogen (H2) infused water has hundreds of studies on its performance-enhancing and wellness benefits. Hydrogen is known as the most powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger and is also the primary fuel for cellular energy production. By drinking HydroShot made with Litewater, you get the added benefit of increased cellular energy by reducing the heavy hydrogen isotope Deuterium to a concentration of 100 ppm.

“We have seen a range of benefits from Hydro Shot, including increased sports performance, reduced inflammation, and increased mental focus and alertness. We’ll continue to bring our hydrogen-infusion technology to new functional beverage categories and are thrilled to assist Litewater Scientific to further enhance the benefits of Hydro Shot,” said Kurt Ruppman, Sr., H2Bev CEO, and the company’s chief innovator.

Litewater Scientific’s Deuterium Depleted water is the most depleted water you can buy, supporting the numerous health benefits of Deuterium Depletion. Through partnerships and innovation, Litewater’s team of professionals will continue to advance and promote the health benefits of deuterium depletion. Litewater currently sells 5 ppm and 10 ppm water, allowing their customers to dilute with their favorite drinking water to their desired PPM.

Continuing their commitment to promoting Deuterium Depletion, Litewater has also partnered with Quicksilver Scientific’s Lab Testing services and is offering Saliva and Water test kits to the public; allowing customers to measure their endogenous deuterium levels.

About H2Bev
H2 Beverages, Inc, based in Plano, Texas is a family-owned beverage manufacturer built on years of R&D into creating a proprietary process for stabilizing molecular hydrogen in water. The company employs its proprietary hydrogen-infusion and other technologies to create novel functional drinks based on science.

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About Litewater Scientific
Litewater Scientific is a deuterium depleted water production and distribution company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, creators of Litewater, the most deuterium depleted water in the world. Available direct at You can find more information on deuterium testing at

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