The Secret of Getting Fit After 40 with CollageVideo.TV

Pompton Plains, NJ, August 04, 2021 --( Getting in shape after 40 reflects two main things: exercise and mindset. Life happens, and as we grow older, it is key to start a daily regimen to improve and protect your health. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and giving yourself time to exercise, you can turn back the clock and transform your body in ways you never imagined.

We all think about fat burning, firming those thigh muscles, and getting that flat stomach but when it comes to taking action, we stop. If you're a beginner exerciser or it’s been a long time since you worked out, you may be wondering exactly where to start or asking yourself if you should focus more on HIIT, or Weight Training, or just Yoga?

Well, the answer is to simply just start – but make sure to check in with your health professional prior to beginning. The first step is to start with a Beginner Program that makes you simply move with your own body weight, but in fact it will increase your cardio endurance, keep you active, and improve flexibility. Then gradually you can add some tools or weights to target certain muscles in your body.

You don't have to figure this out yourself, with CollageVideo.TV instructional videos you'll know exactly how many weights you should lift, and how many times you must repeat as well as modifications that are available to meet the beginner, intermediate, and advanced exerciser’s needs.

CollageVideo.TV workouts are designed for all fitness levels and shapes. Whether your goals are weight loss, calorie burning, strength training, flexibility, toning, or cardiovascular health, you will find workouts that are a great fit for you. You can even find specialty workouts for seniors, pregnancy and post-partum, mental health, wellness and more.

Start with 7-day free trial – after that it’s just $7.99/month - and you’ll have access to unlimited streaming of fitness, wellness, and instructional workout videos featuring everything from Pilates to Yoga, Kettlebells to Cardio, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and much more, on your own schedule via CollageVideo.TV. Convenient apps for Apple TV, iOS devices, Android, Roku, or any internet browser, make it easy to exercise on the go, or at home on your TV, with the biggest fitness names in the business, names you know and trust: Gilad, Kathy Smith, Jari Love, Denise Austin, Tamilee Webb with new ones added every month.
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