Doherty Associates, Inc. Acquires New Manufacturing Principles

Houston, TX, August 02, 2021 --( 2021 has brought new principles to the manufacturing representatives of Doherty Associates, Inc. - HPL Stampings, Inc. & Global Precision Products.

The expert manufacturer's representatives of Doherty Associates are thrilled to have partnered with the two OEMs and expect a bright future for the success of their business relationship.

Since its establishment in 1988, Doherty Associates has become the industry standard for OEM representation and growth, excelling at driving the scalability and success of manufacturers across the nation through their highly experienced representation and consulting services.

Throughout over 30 years of working one-on-one with manufacturers, Doherty Associates has established a keen sense of the manufacturing market across a wide variety of industries, offering their expertise and connections to fuel OEM productivity and overall success within the industry.

HPL Stampings, Inc. is a short-run stampings manufacturer which utilizes unique, low-cost tooling methods to create a superior product. With over 75 years of experience, HPL has successfully served nearly every market by delivering metal stamped products capable of meeting and exceeding the most rigorous industry standards. By partnering with the manufacturer representatives of Doherty Associates, HPL is fully supported as they continue their high standards for quality production and customer satisfaction while also scaling more than ever before.

Global Precision Products specializes in precision machining solutions and is committed to staying competitive in the industry by investing in cutting-edge technology and utilizing it in new and brilliantly economical ways. Global Precision Products was listed in the "Top 10 Precision Manufacturing Tech Service Companies of 2020," and Doherty Associates will help them uphold that standard by fully supporting their endeavors with expert consulting services and invaluable marketing connections.

Doherty Associates, Inc. is proud to have once again expanded their OEM portfolio as well as their connections and experience among such a highly competitive market.

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