HealthA2Z’s Main Product, Aspirin 81 mg, Becomes an Amazon Choice Product

Allegiant Health takes the OTC healthcare market by storm with its FDA-registered drugs and supplements.

HealthA2Z’s Main Product, Aspirin 81 mg, Becomes an Amazon Choice Product
New York, NY, August 10, 2021 --( Allegiant Health manufactures and sells OTC (over-the-counter), FDA-registered pharmaceutical products, and supplements across the country. Their pharmaceutical products are classified under the brand name HealthA2Z, while their supplements are under the name NutraA2Z.

HealthA2Z’s Aspirin 81 mg variant is now an Amazon’s Choice product - a testament to the success the product has had in the market. Amazon’s Choice products are awarded to the product that Amazon considers the best match for a specific keyword, which in this case is “aspirin."

Made in the US, each Enteric-coated tablet is small, round, and easy to swallow. It’s formulated to give long-term release as opposed to being a quick pain killer. It dissolves into the system over time, ensuring that the body doesn’t go through any rapid changes upon its ingestion.

When starting an aspirin regimen, you should consult a doctor for any possible interactions with existing illnesses and their medication. If given the green light to take HealthA2Z's Aspirin, it should always be ingested with a full glass of water. Users can take 4-8 tablets every 4 hours, with a maximum limit of 48 tablets in 24 hours. Children under the age of 12 years should consult a doctor before taking it.

Aspirin 81 mg is a low-strength variant used for temporary relief in minor to moderate inflammation or pain. Because of its low strength and extended release, it’s easy on the stomach and doesn’t disrupt the body's ongoing processes.

An executive at Allegiant Health stated, “Being an Amazon Choice product, our Aspirin 81 mg is an alternative to high-strength, fast-acting aspirin that often affects the stomach. We aim to provide a simple, safe solution to manageable pain that doesn’t need fast relief or any hardcore medication.”

Allegiant Health's formulations are safe to consume, providing aid and promoting the body's normal function. They meet all the quality standards in the USA and are readily available without a prescription.

About Allegiant Health
Founded in 2004 in the US, Allegiant Health has emerged as an innovative contributor to the OTC healthcare market. The company adheres to strict quality standards to produce pharmaceutical products and supplements that aim to meet consumers’ various needs and requirements. Their supplements, under the name NutraA2Z, provide essential nutrients for their customers.

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