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High Potential Revenue Stream Attracts New Fence Franchise Owner

New Pennsylvania Franchise Owner Chooses Superior Fence & Rail for the High-Income Earning Potential Along with Joining a Company with a Start-Up Edge.

High Potential Revenue Stream Attracts New Fence Franchise Owner
Philadelphia, PA, August 17, 2021 --( In these times, many investment opportunities tout their potential for maximum income stream with minimal investment. New Superior Fence & Rail franchise owner, Matthew Stone, shares that earning potential was a key consideration when selecting Superior Fence & Rail, “The magnitude of the potential revenue stream is nearly impossible to find in other franchise systems at this investment level,” noting that the potential for one-million dollars in first-year sales is an achievable goal. Matthew has set his sights well beyond his first full year in business, though. He believes in his ability to attain short-term success with his new fence franchise and achieve sustainable growth for many years to come, backed by The Superior Fence & Rail name and the people behind it.

Well-Established, Start-Up Opportunity

There can be a fine line between having enough of an established presence and too much saturation. Superior Fence & Rail is an ideal investment for anyone, who seeks a franchise opportunity, because their name is highly-recognized and regarded. And though the company is experiencing substantial growth, there is vast opportunity for expansion across the United States. Matthew explains, “Superior Fence & Rail has existed for several years,” and is, “well-established but still has a start-up edge.” It’s not often you find a ground-level business opportunity with such an entrenched presence. Superior Fence & Rail is a company that proves that the terms well-established and start-up are not mutually exclusive.

What makes Southeastern PA an ideal Superior Fence & Rail fence franchise business market?

Corporate owner, Zach Peyton, believes that even in a market saturated with fencing contractors, the northeast is primed for fresh perspective. He says what the market lacks is Superior’s, “approach to customer service,” adding, “our unique buying power puts us in a position to really shake things up.” As it pertains to current fencing products that are available in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Zach knows that Superior’s aluminum and vinyl fencing line-ups are a cut above. He is betting on the success of Matt’s new fence franchise in part due to his calculated approach to the opportunity, noting he anticipates that those same means will be employed to grow the business. Matt’s approach will be, “very deliberate, very thorough, and ultimately very successful.” Zach concludes, “I expect him to build a business with strong fundamentals, great people, and an impressive culture. I can’t wait to see him succeed!”

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