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Franchise Investment Broker Makes an Investment in Superior Fence & Rail Franchise

Successful Columbia, SC Franchise Broker Chooses Superior Fence & Rail as the Investment Opportunity He Has Long Sought for He and His Business Partner Father

Franchise Investment Broker Makes an Investment in Superior Fence & Rail Franchise
Columbia, SC, August 17, 2021 --( It’s not every day that Superior Fence & Rail corporate owners are approached by an experienced franchise industry professional, who is interested in opening a fence company. New franchisee, Brent Foster, has spent his career as a franchise broker and investor. Through his work, he has researched many franchise businesses, scrutinizing their models to help others get into business for themselves. When he came across Superior Fence & Rail, Brent says that he, “knew immediately that this group was different.” He believed so much in the Superior Fence & Rail system that he brought his father, Larry, into the business with him.

Columbia Fence Company Poised for Success

Corporate owner, Zach Peyton, is delighted that Superior Fence & Rail of Columbia’s success rests in the able hands of Brent and Larry Foster. And though Brent’s experience in the franchise industry is key, Zach also lauds, “His father has an impressive business resume.” This dynamic duo has positioned their new franchise business for excellence in their market by assembling an equally dynamic team, noting this location is expected to be one of Superior Fence & Rail’s, “fastest teams to get to market.”

What makes a franchise opportunity attractive to a seasoned franchise broker and investor?

Any franchisor would be thrilled to have been selected as a personal investment of choice by an industry professional, whose purpose is to find such businesses for their clients. When a professional who makes business investment recommendations for a living chooses your franchise for themselves and their business partner father, you know the model is rock solid on every level. What sealed the deal for a well-versed industry expert to buy a franchise? When asked what made Superior Fence & Rail a desirable investment opportunity, Brent said, “They offer things that other models just don’t offer their owners.” Having searched for an investment opportunity for his father for a few years, he was happy to learn, “more about the Superior Fence & Rail model through other clients that were going through the process with Zach and his team,” that made it clear this was the opportunity he had been seeking. The sheer amount of inventory that is available to franchisees through the company’s tremendous buying power is a key element that Brent believes marks his new fence business for success. He anticipates a potential partnership with local big box fence retailers for dedicated fence installation in the Columbia market, noting that the same has been achieved in markets like his own. Brent also believes that an essential facet of his success lies in the expertise of the franchise marketing professionals at 33Social, who are set to help his new business be found online. The final component of his fruitful venture, though no less important than any other, Brent believes is certainly the relationships he has and will continue to form with fellow franchise owners. He notes, “I have gotten to know a few of the other owners in the system and know that I have others that we can reach out to that might have wisdom we can rely on as we grow our market.”

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