New Book and Author; "The Lighthouse Beams Just A Little Something" by Kathie Baset

A first time Romance Fiction author has created and published a sweet "forever love" romance fiction novel with characters that appear real, as though they could be someone’s biography. It is well written and is Book 1 of a three book series of "The Lighthouse Beams." The name of the area where the story takes place in New York State is fictional though can easily be thought to be a specific place in the Catskills and almost near the Canadian border of New York State.

New Book and Author; "The Lighthouse Beams Just A Little Something" by Kathie Baset
Schenectady, NY, September 01, 2021 --( A sweet romance fiction novel with characters that appear real as though they could be someone’s biography. The story has elements of trust, respect, “forever love” paranormal activity, rescue, survival, rehabilitation, raptors and a forever legacy.

The author has managed to provide an amazing description of a winter “Snowflake Ball,” with descriptions that could easily be envisioned for a movie.

How can I make him understand what I don’t understand myself?

This question is the turning point in this book as it is fitting Sara is beginning to realize that life is not made of decisions where the needle doesn’t move. Nothing is truly one sided. It takes trust, respect and commitment to make a relationship work and become a forever love.

Sara leaves a life of wealth and privilege to make it on her own, finding a career and the love of her life. But their engagement reveals a secret: his family is also wealthy. Surprised and disappointed, Sara is convinced that any accomplishments will be credited to their money and not hard work. She makes a decision that changes their lives, leaving both of them devastated.

When a turbulent storm puts the life of a mysterious boat captain in danger, witnesses described the lighthouse beam acting as if a paranormal entity guided the light, illuminating the scene of the struggling ship. But the successful rescue causes Sara to be overcome at the captain’s identity.

Almost losing her love makes Sara realize that they truly belong together. Their wedding ceremony features an unexpected but fitting event when Sara flings her wedding bouquet from the lighthouse rim, bringing the story full circle. was created in 2021 to fulfill the vision of an independent publisher. The owner of the company retired from thirty years as the owner of a career management company. She has been told many times that she is "authentic," because she believes it is not about her, rather it is about the journey one takes to assist another to make their dreams a reality. Most of her clients did not believe that she would truly retire and now they can say, "I knew you could not retire."
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