Manimas Proposes Handmaid's Amendment to Protect Women's Right to Medical Choices

Former presidential candidate John Manimas proposes a Constitutional Amendment to end further controversy regarding a women's right to medical choices.

Schenectady, NY, September 15, 2021 --( - John Manimas, who was registered with the FEC as a presidential candidate in 2020, has asked his New York State legislators to support his proposal for a concise Constitutional Amendment to end further public controversy over the government's interest in controlling women's bodies. He said his proposed amendment could be called the "Handmaid's Amendment" because it would prevent the United States from becoming the tyrannical state called "Gilead" in the novel entitled, "The Handmaid's Tale," by Margaret Atwood. The proposed text is: "No woman shall be required by law to give birth to a child or to carry an embryo or fetus in her womb. A woman may prevent or terminate an unwanted pregnancy by any reasonable medical procedure."

Manimas said: "Women know that it is best to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and that what to do about an unwanted pregnancy is a challenging, personal decision. No man has argued that the government has a legitimate interest in making medical decisions for men regarding the care and treatment of their testicles or penis." Manimas argued that "the endless discussion of the abortion issue is a corrupt political tactic used to distract ignorant voters from the important issues that need to be addressed by our legislators such as environmental harm, energy technology and economic justice."

Manimas' New York state legislators are Senator James Tedesco and Assemblyman Phil Steck. He has also sent his proposed amendment to the New York Congressional delegation, U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, and Representative Paul Tonko. Manimas said he is waiting to see if any of the legislators respond.
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