Reid Champagne's Travel Books Offer a Blend of Delightful Humor and Great Adventure

Reid Champagne has been focusing on travel blogging lately, after the success of his book, "An American Walkabout."

Reid Champagne's Travel Books Offer a Blend of Delightful Humor and Great Adventure
New York, NY, September 26, 2021 --( Reid Champagne is one of America's favorite romance authors, best-selling writer, comedic observer, and ironic humorist who has been an active member of the writing industry for over 35 years now. The author took to Amazon to publish his book, An American Walkabout, which showcases a journey through innocence, naiveté, overreach, and Magoo-like self-discovery. Moreover, he shares his hilarious travel history with his fans to gear them up for a great adventure.

Reid Champagne encourages people to take on the "now" when it comes to traveling and draft beautiful memories with their loved ones. His travel blog is fondly referred to as a blend of delightful humor, great adventure, and inspiration for travelers. However, Champagne does stress the importance of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent getting seriously ill from the coronavirus. He and his wife Carol Madigan got vaccinated before they left for their vacation to Iceland.

Elaborating on his travel blog for his recent trip to Iceland, Champagne stated, "Carol Madigan and I had managed to escape to Iceland only recently after the travel ban lifted ever so slightly. It was only the right thing to do after having our wedding canceled because of a global pandemic. Iceland has been a rollercoaster ride. From having our cards declined to see the most gorgeous rainbows, we've done it all. So anyone who is heading to the only place ready to entertain tourists, for now, read the 13-day document of fire and ice. But do it better!"

For more insights on the days of his life, visit Reid Champagne's official website, where he logs "Fire and Ice Day X" in the Travel section. The blogger also shares several other aspects of his life with the same enthusiasm. Readers who wish to read An American Walkabout can download the eBook via Amazon for Kindle.

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Reid Champagne is America's finest humorist, writer, and observer who's known for his work in the book An American Walkabout. He's also a frequent travel blogger who's accompanied by his wife, Carol Madigan. His unique touch of irony to his humor has gained him immense popularity over the last 35 years of documenting.

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