Community Values and Reduced Risks Key to New Guiding Principles

Community Values and Reduced Risks Key to New Guiding Principles
Oak Ridge, TN, October 05, 2021 --( Leaders in Energy and Preservation (LEAP) today released Voluntary Practices for Non-Regulated Energy Development Projects. These practices put into action LEAP’s guiding principles for responsible development of energy projects that respect historic places, cultural resources and community voices. LEAP encourages these principles to be adopted voluntarily across the energy industry by companies who share community values and seek to reduce risks to their projects.

“Over the past several years, we have listened to energy producers and project developers, and have worked in concert with cultural resource managers to develop voluntary principles that are easy to implement and will make a big difference for communities,” explained Chuck Niquette, LEAP Board Chair.

The LEAP Principles are the combined input of more than 100 volunteers from the energy industry, historic preservation advocacy community, cultural resource management industry, and communication specialists. LEAP’s Principles are designed to help developers reduce impacts to historic properties and cultural resources on projects regardless of whether they are subject to federal permitting requirements. Community values and voices can affect project outcomes and the principles underscore that fact.

LEAP’s Principles promote an integrated process for consideration of heritage resources within the proven modern methods of energy development. They also provide a decision-making framework that does not mandate a particular outcome, and their approach provides a crucial flexibility for industry that can be incorporated into existing systems. The value proposition is clear - LEAP’s voluntary principles have the potential to reduce the risk of project delay, budget overruns, and reputational damage, and should be an important part of an energy company’s environmental, social, and governance policies.

LEAP is actively seeking partners from the energy industry and heritage management firms to join them and adopt the LEAP Principles. Read the full document here: and contact Lesley Cusick, LEAP Managing Director to discuss LEAP’s Principles - including how to implement them in a graduated manner, tailored to your company’s needs.

About LEAP: Leaders in Energy and Preservation (LEAP) is a coalition of energy companies and historic preservation groups promoting best practices for early planning that deliver efficient energy projects through responsible heritage management. Our best practices and technological innovations help energy companies manage risk and plan successful projects that protect significant heritage resources such as archaeological sites, historic properties, and sites of cultural importance to Indigenous people.

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