Global Dealer Solutions is Finalist for Best Dealer Sales Idea of 2021

Houston, TX, October 10, 2021 --( The Driving Sales Executive Summit (DSES) is beginning October 10, 2021 in Las Vegas at the Aria Hotel and Conference Center. Widely recognized as the highest quality training event for progressive dealers throughout the United States, DSES features experts such as Jared Hamilton, Dave Spannhake and award-winning Wall Street Journal writer, Tim Higgins.

Thomas Eggers, Platform Digital Director for the Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships in Texas, submitted the nomination after utilizing one of the Global Dealer Solutions proprietary digital solutions that leverages Artificial Intelligence to increase conversions. “Our best performing store on the product realized a 37% increase in leads from our own websites,” Eggers stated.

Obviously, doing more with less is nothing new to the automotive industry, but the chip shortage has presented a new set of challenges all dealers are now familiar with. “We have developed a suite of solutions for our clients,” stated Global Dealer Solutions’ Founder Don Pelham, himself a veteran of over 30 years in the automotive industry having run a number of dealerships in Houston and Dallas. “This conference is focused on digital solutions and that’s what we provide,” Pelham added. “We’re honored that the Nyle Maxwell Dealerships felt strongly enough about their results to enter this contest.”

The contest winner will receive $10,000. The winner will be announced on October 11th at 5PM.

Global Dealer Solutions is a company focused on solutions. They’ve created original products and represent a suite of products and services that cost effectively solve dealer problems and increase dealer sales. Based in Texas, they work with dealers throughout the United States, and typically offer most of their services without set up fees or contracts. The company is built on service and technology, pioneering artificial intelligence solutions for the automotive industry.
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