Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Celebrates Their New Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Celebrates Their New Members
Farmingdale, NY, October 19, 2021 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide, of Farmingdale, New York, is proud to celebrate their new members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to welcome their new members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Ather H. Tirmizi--Public Affairs
Troy Williams--Transportation
Lynn Cardinale--Insurance
Vicki M. Teigland--Electronic Components
Victoria S. Wilson--Healthcare
Jennifer Fauber--Community Services
Ebony A. Russell--Education
Angela R. Simmons--Education
Jennifer M. West--Religion
An V. Nguyen--Education
Salahuddin M. Muhammad--Government
Kamisha T. Webster--Entertainment
Austin "Auzzy Blood" Punton--Entertainment
MaryAnn Smith--Research
Tenia Harris--Education
Anthony R. Lettieri--Education
Ronald G. Rinaldo--Government
Stephanie K. Fournier--Retail
Randall W. Duhamell--Security/Law Enforcement
Donetta R. Mazyck--Community Service
James T. Perrin--Government
Edward Erfurt--Government
Keena M. Hutchinson--Photography
Michael Ray Leiterman--Paper
Troy Lee Zukowski--Human Services
Stephen J. Bremis--Real Estate
Heath N. Hoffman--Restaurant
Danette A. Cheatham--Semiconductors
Larry D. Smith--Healthcare
Simion Timbuc--Religion
Barbara M. Tate--Interior Design
Catherine L. Love--Education
Janeigh Huber--Life Coaching
Carlton Ellis Hutchinson Jr.--Construction
Samantha R. Langevin--Food
Anthony M. Rubino--Entertainment
Kareena N. Betancourt--Real Estate
Melissa R. Gardner--Government/Law Enforcement
Andrew Barnett Davis--Art
Dawn Musarra--Financial
Brandi R. Colehour--Electronics
Gloria Keel Edwards--Healthcare
Joseph S. Eriksen--Construction
Lashonda Grice Velazquez--Business Services
Felicia A. Armstrong--Healthcare
Shemeka L. Phillips--Education
Lupe Encinas--Automotive Glass
Kiwanna L. Brackett--Education
Prria R. Haider--Entertainment
Chahnaz Homayssi--Real Estate
Andre D. Archat--IT
Wesley T. Johnson--Electrical
Rob G. Parrish--Healthcare
Miasia Raqasat Oyalo--Entertainment
Robert E. Woodall Jr.--Insurance
Sarah Anne Cunningham--Photography
Norna L. Kissane--Financial
Erin Tortora--Retail/Wellness Products
Sharon Travis Stricklin--Education
Rebecca L. Purcell--Government
Rick E. Arnold--Martial Arts Education
Robert Arnold De Jesus--Hospitality
Gina S. Blakey--Beauty
Sue Koch--Nonprofit
Frank X. Rodela--Government/Agriculture
Todd M. Carter--Construction/Safety
Walter S. Caber Jr.--Aerospace
William J. Lilly--Hospitality/Recreation
Judith Harry--Retail/Environmental Services
Nicolemarie A. Frittitta--Healthcare
Jessica R. Robinson--Music Production
Adam W. Johnson--Wellness
Aja' C. Moore--Beauty Products/Education
Ashley M. Bain--Government/Education
Lisa M. Wolf--Automotive
Alex C. Mohrman--Air Moving Products
Naila Babar--Education
Dawn D. Colar--Government/Healthcare
Susie M. Montalbano--Building Supplies
Deborah A. Williams--Education
Montana D. Graves--Healthcare
Christine Reel--Healthcare
Cathy Paliani--Payroll Services
Tamara Brutus--Education
Lisa A. Mattingly--Retail/Pet Beds
James C. Ford--Nonprofit
Tammy M. Drusendahl--Healthcare
Rebecca F. Kapusta--Government/Human Services
Steven C. Williams--Oil and Gas
Joslyn N. Wood--Real Estate
Dalila C. Perez--Healthcare
Maurees A. Regules--Beauty
Jack Edward Whitaker--Art
Trivell Caruth--Music
Karen Sue Comeaux--Nonprofit
Anaquilia Guallar--Transportation
Brian Mitchell Plenn--Transportation
Elaine Dixon--Education
Christina Green--Healing/Coaching
George J. Eady--Pest Control
Karen M. Abendroth--Art
Gloria Schmitt--Real Estate
Ramona L. LaCour--Healthcare
Elnora P. Bates--Restaurant
Mark N. Hansen--Beauty
Cristian C. Araya--Construction
Jennifer L. Sibiga--Healthcare
Greg Zuercher--Aviation Foundation
Klaas Nijhuis--Architecture
Ariana E. Starchman--Construction
Debra Kay Mueller--Transportation
Jamey L. Barton--Construction
Kristi Ann Maxey-Diego--Government
Pier A. Hawkins--Healthcare
Jeffrey A. Bowers--Construction
Alysha M. Santiago--Human Services
Kirenia Santiuste--Healthcare
W. Michael Roth--Construction
Afsaneh Latifi--Healthcare
Daret C. Cannonier--Education
William Ruiz--Healthcare
James L. Byrd Jr.--Construction/Remodeling
Van E. Holland--Government
David Mike Hager--Risk Management/IT
Maria Melendez--Beauty
Albert I. Eiseman--E-Commerce
Jermaine D. Scott--Logistics
Tony M. Tate--Telecommunications
Alan J. Hook--Automotive
Kimberly L. Price--Transportation
Mari E. Baldwin--Healthcare
Ashwani "John" Tangri--Real Estate
Richard A. James--Transportation/Freight
James F. Brown Jr.--Entertainment/Author
Brittney Psyllas--Property Management
Rozanne Cavier Workman--Fitness and Wellness
Susan Renni Anderson--Coaching
Rebecca A. Cerrato--Healthcare
Sonia L. Badon--Business Management
Edmundo Maldonado--Retail/Tactical Uniforms and Apparel
Erika I. Kuhn--Healthcare
Victor Rodela--Cleaning and Restoration Service
Pamela S. Schramm--Optometry
Crystal Hope Allen--Food
Germaine L. Norman--Government
Brenda Lee Robinson--Retail
Steve J. Otto--Retail/Books
John C. Cohan--IT
Lisa Davis--Healthcare
Zsquita A. Gillespie--Event Planning
Estella M. O'Dell--Financial
Edward O. Periman--Automotive Repair
Jennifer L. Unzueta--Landscaping
John Fitzgerald Parrish--Financial
Paul Price Painter III--Environmental Testing
Velma Valenzuela--Education
Kathy Stegle--Healthcare
Kim Davis--Real Estate
Heather C. Oxendine--Energy
April D. Scribner--Catering
Lori Brooks--Retail/Crafts
Jamie L. Duffield--Healthcare
Ryan A. Carlock--IT
Kenneth J. Hudak Jr.--HVAC
Eliane A. Rocha--Beauty
Joel C. Jones--Education
Kathleen A. McGrath--Entertainment
Michael W. Kleinman--Dentistry
Alana C. McKinney--Healthcare
Robert M. Infussi--Transportation
Benjamin Wills--Automotive
Jerry E. Tilley Jr.--Commercial Fishing
Tammy C. Harris--Dance Instruction
Shilpa Donthireddy--Healthcare
Stephen J. Vitelli--Author
Larry S. Levey--Real Estate
Krista L. Fee--Nonprofit
Tina M. Streeter--Healthcare
David E. Graziani--Publishing
Delores E. Ryan--Human Services
Jill A. Patierno--Beauty
Amanda Renée Sandoval--Healthcare
Alien Gonzalez--Education/Trucking
Daniel B. Romero Jr.--Art
Tina L. Rutkowski--Healthcare
Sunny Graham--Art
Karen V. Duhamel--Education
Julie C. Duignan--Education
Murphie Y. Ricks--Energy
Donald Coleman--Education
Mary Jane Nuńez Gonzales--Beauty/Wellness
Jillian Shannon Pizzi--Healthcare
Anupa Khastgir--Healthcare
Bill M. Thrasher--Healthcare
Debra M. Gesner--Healthcare
Robert B. Morrissey--Food
Alice M. Starmer--Hospitality
Gary Shor--Transportation
Sasiya M. Johnson--Government
Tiffany A. Ringfield--Healthcare
Shirnise L. Hubbard--Accounting
Shelley M. Wilson--Oil and Gas/Pipeline Construction
Crystal L. Guemble--Transportation
Richard L. Bryant--Healthcare Staffing

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