RSA America is Lifting Its Expansion Towards the East and Southwest Areas of the United States

RSA America is Lifting Its Expansion Towards the East and Southwest Areas of the United States
Schaumburg, IL, October 20, 2021 --( RSA America accelerated its expansion into the East and Southwest regions of the United States by partnering with New York-based premier patron, Bogopa Corporation aka Food Bazaar and Porters Market in West Texas.

Inverness, Illinois-based RSA America is adeptly leading the passion for serving Independent grocers by expanding their reach to East & South West regions of states and will continue to do so with patron, Bogopa Corporation aka Food Bazaar in New York.

Food Bazaar established a partnership with RSA America (RSA), a supermarket technology company specializing in delivering more savings to consumers, by empowering independent grocers with a result-driven digital solution. Food Bazaar will now be employing RSA America's digital couponing & rewards engagement approaches to solidify its relationship with customers.

"The beauty of the RSA App from a customer engagement standpoint is its simplicity. A customer, even one with limited technical skills, can access a slew of tools and features without even thinking about it in seconds. This ease of adoption has boosted the ways of engagement. It is driving our loyal customers to consistently use the app, which over time is directly going to lead to higher customer retention value and more sales," said Caesar Layton, Head of Ecommerce Food Bazaar.

The rise to West Texas indicates the beginning of the bizarre expansion and a higher success by RSA America. "For an Independent grocer, it's so hard to capture digital marketing dollars and, that's what our initial focus was with RSA America. We now acknowledge that RSA is the tool we endeavor to spend our marketing budget strategically because we're in a better position than ever to provide our clients competitive rates without compromising profitability," Judd Porter, President of Dennis Porter Inc., said.

"Saving while shopping for groceries with a lifetime experience possibility that we offer to a million shoppers. I value beholding independent grocers encompassing digital middles with RSA's unified portal that gives way to customer analytics reports, data-informed marketing trends and, a personalized deals engagement process in just one click. In summation, we continue to invest more in capturing grocery app potentials to uplift performance & customer loyalty as the consistency carries deeper faith in our grocer's choice to partner with us," said RSA America CEO Ravi Achanta.

It's a lot easier to maintain a consumer base than it is to entice them back afterward. The sole mission of RSA is to level the level field to independent grocers. Not only that, but with consumers returning to various grocery restaurants and stores, RSA's advancement has incorporated a meal kit solution for grocery chains and food outlets, enjoying the benefits of a door before everything switches.

"RSA America’s mobile platform allows grocers real-time coupon validation and management at every touchpoint of the redemption process. Food Bazaar stores will be able to continue providing positive savings to their customers. By working together, our clients can be optimistic that they will get the best deals and technology, allowing them to focus on what they do best: serving their customers," said Rob Belcore, co-founder and chief customer officer, RSA America.

"When it comes to technology upgrades having a technology partner you can trust and collaborate with is invaluable. With the impeccable technical support, seamless integration with the POS & the ease of implementation both from a consumer-facing and back-end perspective, we could not have been happier with our onboarding experience," said Don, IT Manager Food Bazaar.

The recognition of in-out grocery stores propels RSA America's progress. A half-year has passed, and the holiday season will pretty shortly follow. And it will be the peak period of the year, RSA America's independent grocer's partners will encounter staff shortages, stockpile issues and other challenges. In addition, the grocery industry is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in the demand for home-cooked meals or food delivered to one's doorstep. Therefore, to ease grocers to drive in such a challenging time, RSA is introducing the Meal Kit & Catering option, a newish enhancement readily accessible to all current customers for at least two months without any additional cost. At this pace of technological change, if you want a reliable digital solution mate for your grocery business who can do miracles in the Meal-kit possibility as well, talk to RSA America.

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