Sencore’s DMG 7000 - Internet Distribution Gateway Adds Powerful RIST Features

Sencore’s DMG 7000 - Internet Distribution Gateway Adds Powerful RIST Features
Sioux Falls, SD, November 04, 2021 --( Sencore, the gateway to video delivery, recently announced another feature release to its ever-expanding Internet Distribution Gateway platform, the DMG 7000. RIST, the reliable internet streaming protocol, now includes two new features: link bonding and seamless switching. These two powerful features will take internet-based transport to the next level.

Sencore’s DMG 7000 internet distribution gateway has full support of this RIST technology:

-RIST receive and transmit
-Simple and main profile
-Unicast and multicast support
-Packet retransmission via RTCP
-Full datagram and reduced overhead tunneling modes
-Encryption and authentication
-Link bonding
-Seamless switching

Combine the powerful features of RIST with the existing protocols and features of the DMG 7000. Transmit, receive, convert protocols like RIST, Zixi, SRT, HLS and MPEG/IP in a simple to use media gateway.

As with all Sencore products, the DMG 7000 platform is backed by Sencore’s best-in-class staff of ProCare support engineers.

To download the full datasheet and view new features and product specifications visit

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